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Thousands of protesters braved rain and chilly temperatures to flood Chicago’s high-end shopping district Friday to demand justice in the wake of the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald

Tuesday, the city released the heartbreaking video of McDonald’s shooting and announced former Chicago PD officer Jason Van Dyke would be charged with first-degree murder. The timing of the announcement angered many who wondered why it took more than a year to charge Van Dyke given video evidence that he shoot the teen 16 times, 14 of which came while McDonald lay on the ground.

Today, thousands of protesters took to Michigan Avenue, one of Chicago’s premier shopping districts, to demand the mayor, police commissioner, and state’s attorney resign.

In addition to calling for the resignation of some of Chicago’s top officials, protesters are also requesting the Justice Department step to conduct an independent investigation.

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  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    Finally. Somebody gets it. This is how it’s done.

  • This is almost a 180 degree turn from last year when some young people were “begging” discriminating NY stores like Macy’s to take their money without racial profiling. So, I am glad that despite some of the “New Black” mantra, people are staying awake. First, they need to get rid of the prosecutor and eventually the police chief. Then, they need to rethink any support of Hillary Clinton and hopefully, get rid of Rahm Emanuel. Why?! — because when Bill Clinton first ran for office, he used the beating of Rodney King to trump his economic stimulus plan and then did a 180 degree turn when Republicans in the Senate reduced it to less than 10 percent of what he wanted. Part of that stimulus was to increase employment in parts of California where a number of industries and manufacturers have left. When he couldn’t get the original amount of stimulus that he desired to stimulate the US economy through manufacturing and industry jobs, he decided to stimulate the economy by allocating funds to hire more policemen in California and other states — therefore, ramping up the war on drugs, the three strikes rule, and the race to build more prisons. Hillary Clinton will and has claimed this as solely a foible associated with Bill Clinton’s presidency. However, she LOBBIED for the increase of prisons and arrests during her time as First Lady. Therefore, if Hillary Clinton mentions the most current incidents as she did with Sandra Bland, don’t think for ONE second that she necessarily has a change of heart given that both she and Bill Clinton has had a history of proverbially throwing Black People under the bus. So the lesson for everyone is to LEARN your history, — LEARN YOUR HISTORY, because history has an uncanny way of repeating itself.

  • D1Mind

    If you are a voting person and believe in working within the system then follow up at the ballot box. Also, you shouldn’t just do generic protests calling for outing of public officials, you need to focus on specific officials at all levels and get them on board. Target the alderman, city council, state reps and so forth, even the President (doesn’t matter who it is). Make their reelection and the support from the black folks in Chicago based on these officials working in the interests of black folks….. But that is a lot harder than a march.