Credit: Fox/Instagram

Credit: Fox/Instagram

Spoiler! Alicia Keys is coming to Empire. Second spoiler: She appears to be making her debut as the second coming of Justine Skye and even the singer thinks so.

Alicia posted the pic above letting the world know she’d be appearing on the hit Fox show next Wednesday, November 25, as a character named Skye Summers who rocks purple hair quite reminiscent of that of the R&B singer Justine Skye. Yes, peep the irony of the names.

skye summers

Credit: Instagram/Tumblr

Credit: Instagram/Tumblr

When Skye saw the announcement she was clearly in her feelings, taking to Instagram to say, “My check must be in the mail.” We’re kind of curious if Lee Daniels is going to break her off a little something something too because the physical likeness and the play on words is uncanny. We’ll have to tune in next week to see how this all plays out.

Do you think this is foul?

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  • OSHH

    Truly…I kinda over Empire, still love Taraji though, from one SE chica to the next.

    • FragranceObsessed

      Ya know, I wasn’t too excited to watch Empire last night myself. It’s starting to feel messy

  • Kanyade

    Who holds claim to purple hair? Also, if AKeys is starring in a show as a character that to Justine Skye seems like “Justine Skye”, how is that Alicia’s fault????

    • uhoh-ohno

      i think whoever styled the character of “Skye Summers” knows who Justine Skye is and jacked her swag, but I doubt that A-Keys knows who Justine Skye is or had any say in how her character was written or costumed.

  • binks

    I would give it the side eye but I don’t think this is concrete enough to say Empire/Alicia Keys is jacking her style so it is kind of a reach, especially considering that colorful hair, particularly purple, is trendy right now and “Skye” is a relative common first name. So she might want to have more concrete evidence before saying she needs a check.

  • K_

    WHO?? never heard nor seen this of this girl in my life. Funny thing is JUST yesterday there was an article on a natural hair site about how fuschia/purple whatever the hell the color is in in right now and on trend. So i think that arguments gone, again i have no clue who the girl is so i have no comparison other than them sharing e on sky. i would say id have to see how alicia keys character is portrayed but again have no clue who this girl is so nothing to compare to but best of luck to her i guess

  • Purple hair cannot be the key to your steez… P.S I have no idea who this skye chick is.

    • She is a young singer. She’s part of the new generation of Generation Z and so forth. She is 20.

    • is her music worth google?

    • I haven’t heard of her music. I have seen her face and I know little about her. She’s a young’in. I might youtube her music now.

    • I just listen to her music now. Her music has a pop vibe mixed with a new generation vibe. She can sing. She’s from Brooklyn, NYC.

    • I ll check her out.