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Barack Obama may be on his way out of the White House but critics will continue to bash his performance as the 44th and 45th President of the United States until his final day in office, and that includes Sean “Diddy” Combs.

In an interview with Hot 97, Diddy had some pretty harsh, and rather ironic, things to say about our Commander-in-Chief when it comes to the age-old question of whether the first black President of the United States has done enough for the black community. In the 46-year-old Bad Boy’s eyes, that answer is obviously no.

“We got Obama into office, the give back, the deal, where are the things in our community that have gotten drastically better?” he said speaking to Ebro and the Hot 97 morning crew last Wednesday.

“Let’s stop overcomplicating it. The hugest group of people that get you into office, you have to change their lives for the better. Pick a side, because they got you into office. And if that side just happens to be black people, and you’re black, you still have to do what’s fair.”

What’s fair in Diddy’s mind is “direct aid.”

“Unapologetically sending direct aid to black communities. Let’s not try to hide it. Unapologetically spend billions of dollars to uplift black communities… We just need some education, some jobs… and we want to know that it was for us. Just like if there’s a disaster in Chile, we’re sending specific aid to help with that specific problem.”

“I’m not going after Obama. I’m just saying that time is ticking and we need some repayment on the deal. The black community got President Obama into office, and there should be some nice parting gifts to give our youth, our future, a better chance.”

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Raise your hand if you voted for Obama because you thought he was going to turn the USA into the land of milk and honey for African-Americans if he got elected. Nobody? Okay good.

While Diddy’s argument isn’t new, his logic certainly is. Of course we all vote for candidates based on what we think they can do for us as 1 of the 319 million people in the country, but this whole idea of repayment is a bit twisted. At no point in time did President Obama promise to specifically make life better for the black community once elected. What he did promise was to get us out of the war, stop Hussein, sign a universal health care bill, and promote marriage equality throughout the states, all things that affect blacks. And on those points the score card is so far, so good. While many argue Obama’s same-sex platform throws a wrench in the argument that he can’t only support one segment of society as President of the whole United States, the thing is he didn’t sign any legislation himself making it legal for gay couples to marry, even though his support no doubt was influential in the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage throughout the country this June.

Along those lines, Obama has spoken up, albeit sometimes timidly, about the specific needs of the black community when it comes to unemployment, the industrial prison complex, and, eventually, even police brutality. While some of those issues can be fixed with policy and maybe even money, the underlying issues of racism and discrimination won’t be remedied no matter what the president says or does.

But guess who does have his own company — sorry companies — in which he can help put several black men and women back to work? Guess who’s worth $735 million and can throw money at any cause he wants without needing the approval of Congress or any other government entity? And guess who’s of the demographic being most heavily targeted and killed by police these days but chose to scold the black community for “committing genocide on ourselves” rather than outright support #BlackLivesMatter? If you guessed Diddy for all of the above, you’d be right, boys and girls.

The black community who bought Biggie’s records, purchased Sean Jean clothing, buys bottles of Ciroc every weekend and tunes in to Revolt every day could easily ask Diddy the very same questions he asks of President Obama. Where’s the repayment to the community which built your nearly $1 billion empire, Mr. Combs? And no we don’t mean a free “MMM” album.

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