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Patti LaBelle is super grateful to James Wright, the man who recorded the wildly entertaining and now viral (over 3 million views and counting) YouTube review of Patti’s sweet potato pie. But she says her sales success at Wal-Mart is all her doing.

In a recent interview with TMZ, the camera man asked Patti about her pie sales and whether or not she was going to use James Wright to help promote some of her other culinary products. Patti’s response was, “I did it myself.”

While the sweet potato pie recipe did come before James Wright and his camera phone promo, many of us had no clue Patti had a pie line dropping until that YouTube link made its way to our unsuspecting inboxes. And even if we were aware beforehand, everyone has an auntie that can bake a sweet potato pie so delicious, you forget your identity until your plate is clean so we’d have been a little hesitant to try it.

2E8525E800000578-3321059-image-m-52_1447741044127James’ review had us rolling on the floor with laughter and scrambling to figure out how to get our hands on these magical Patti pies.

When the TMZ camera man said, “That guy had you selling out of pies in Wal-Mart.” – Ms.LaBelle responded with, “I was selling out before that guy did that wonderful review.”

In a recent interview with Madame Noire Patti described her first meeting with James.

“He’s a good guy. I called him from London about a week ago. That’s when I first met him, over the phone. I sent him some flowers, balloons and a big teddy bear because he’s a big teddy bear. I do believe in giving people back when they give to me. And he gave me a video! A man I never met before. I said, “Thank you, dear God, for another blessing.”

Patti might not necessarily want to share pie spotlight with James but it’s clear she appreciates him and even hinted that the two might be collaborating in the studio sometime soon.

“The man can sing his face off, so I know we’ll be doing some music together,” she told the website.

So what do you think? Does Patti owe a slice of her success to James? Would you be interested in a LaBelle/Wright duet?

BTW: Peep this.



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  • Pema

    She didn’t ask him to do the video so she doesn’t owe him anything. He’s a fool if he actually expected to get paid for that video. That’s what you get for marketing brands you have absolutely no affiliation to. Patti is making bank and you get a teddy bear. Hilarious.

  • jazzy j

    Patti is wrong for the shade BUT let this be a lesson to people who like to go online a give free promo without a contract or money in hand first!

  • Mary Burrell

    No Ms. Labella owes him nothing but gratitude and I have all her cookbooks. The only person she owes something to is God. And I am sure she’s thankful.

  • Mary Burrell

    I bet they could do a nice duet together.

  • prosay

    My people, if you are intelligent enough, and insightful enough, to see that Pattie don’t owe for an unsolicited endorsement, why can’t you see that Dr. Bill Cosby cannot possible be guilty unless he has a trial and conviction by a jury of his peers.
    To say that he is guilty, because 50+ Hollywood acting couch rejects, now makes an ALLEGATION, 40 years later, stretches credibility.
    The bible says “He shall be known by his works.” Dr. Cosby has spent 40 million at black campuses all around America. That is how I know him.
    He marched with Dr.King when we were not allowed in waiting rooms and the water fountain at interstate bus stops.
    He was the first black debonair lead on a television series ( yes, women would line up at the stage door)
    I want to see Dr. Cosby 400 million dollar left to be spent at black colleges, educating black children, NOT supporting lawyers and white female acting rejects who have failed to secure a criminal conviction.
    Even today, we must be able to recognize a lynching when a rope is not being used.