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Photo courtesy of Katrina Pierson

Katrina Pierson rose to political “fame” last year as one of the few black tea party members. And she has now found a place in Donald Trump’s camp, after leaving Ted Cruz’s side.

Pierson, a former democrat, has previously been criticized for her interests in fame, rather than politics. But now Pierson says being with Trump is a natural fit.

“This is a nontraditional campaign,” she said. “I can be a little bit more who I am. That’s what I mean when I say it’s like a perfect fit.”

On Trump, she said “He’s sort of not politically correct. He sort of calls it like he sees it. I’m kind of that way too.” Pierson said.

Although Pierson no longer works for Cruz she still has respect and admiration for him. But it’s obvious she has dollar signs in her eyes, especially since Cruz supporters felt she was frivolous during her own campaign run.

“Cruz would be a good president, but I think right now with all the hyper-partisanship in the country I think Trump would be the better person to transition out of Obama,” she said. “It would be a softer transition for some on the left. It would be a harder transition for some on the right.”

Besides, she said, “When Donald says, ‘I think you’re great I really want you to work for me,’ I don’t think any sane person would say no to that.”

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