After a great deal of back and forth, Donald Trump met with a group of Black ministers Monday at Trump Towers and the presidential candidate said he “felt love in the room.”

The meeting, which Trump’s campaign initially billed as a press conference in which several Black clergy members would endorse his bid for the White House, took place after several pastors pulled out and said they would not support the candidate because of his racially-charged rhetoric.

Despite the public outcry by many in the Black community, Trump said the meeting was a success.

“This meeting was amazing,” he said in an unscheduled press event. “Amazing people. We must have had more than 100 people in the room. We all thought it was such a good meeting … and we have many, many endorsements that came out of the meeting.”

Pastor Darrell Scott, a longtime supporter of Trump, blamed the controversy leading up to the meeting on the “liberal media.” Scott also admonished Black folks for questioning the motives behind the meeting.

“The African-American community needs to be ashamed of themselves of the way they’ve reacted to our meeting with Mr. Trump,” Scott said before the meeting. “They accused Mr. Trump of being an insulting individual but they’ve levied insults at us that I wouldn’t levy against people I hate … They don’t know the Donald Trump that we know.”

I suppose Pastor Scott hasn’t been watching his friend on TV throughout the campaign?

In addition to saying a Black Lives Matter protester “deserved to get roughed up” at his rally, Trump has also said offensive things about [email protected], Muslims, and just about anyone who does not agree with him.

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  • Natasha Peacock

    There needs to be a list of the pastors that actually showed up, so their members can ask them why and hold them accountable for supporting this idiot. They need to remind them that they are representing their respective church when they attend a meeting such as this.

  • Rastaman

    We continue to allow these pulpit pimps to “represent” our interest when its increasingly obvious many only seek to represent their own interest. Trump is co-opting the Michael Bloomberg playbook. Bloomberg was able to get compliance during his tenure as NYC mayor by buying alliances from many of the so called “Black Churches” in the who through the years benefitted from contributions from his charitable foundation. Bloomberg was of course not this crass and did his dirt in the dark but pulpit pimps have no shame and will take their 30 pieces of silver wherever and whenever they can get it.

  • i mean

    These men will have to answer to God. Racism does NOT have a place at the Lord’s table. Pastors should know better than to enable such madness.