Fresh off its provocative, Internet breaking Cosby Show cover which caused such a stir we wrote about it twice (here + here), the folks over at EBONY are at it again.

Celebrating the magazine’s 70th anniversary, editor-in-chief Kierna Mayo and company just unveiled the cover for the December issue, which asks readers to #StandForSomething.

The image features actor and civil rights legend Harry Belafonte flanked by the next generation of socially conscious celebs, Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams and Disney’s Zendaya Coleman.

So far, people are loving the look of latest issue. Ava DuVernay called it “epic” and Michaela Angela David said it helps understand the heritage of the social justice movement.

What do you think of the cover?

Be sure to pick up the latest copy of EBONY when it hits newsstands.

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  • Amandla would have been better than Zendaya. This is the same Harry Belafonte who screwed Eartha Kitt and told her that a black woman can’t do nothin for his career, and then MARRIED a white woman. Jesse Williams is bae. This cover is so whitewashed. What about Trayvon’s parents?

  • joe

    Both Jesse Williams and Zendaya are biracial with white mothers. I guess this has become the new face of “black” activism.

    • blogdiz

      Yeh #lightisright is hard to miss that being said its also interesting to see that there are some biracial people out there who are more socially active and racially conscious than some brown. people with two black parent
      For instance a dark skinned brotha like Taye who had a bigger career than Jesse only concern is that people know that his wife was white and his son is not black
      Like I said I have no idea why Zendaya is there , but if you follow Jesse he is one of the most outspoken entertainers right now and not just words /actions involved he pulls no punches talking about police brutality , was one of the first to speak about Travonn was on the ground at Ferguson etc and is involved with some positive movements regarding black men .He is also aware enough to acknowledge that he has light skinned/biracial privilege when most people like him insist on denying that such a thing exists

    • Brice Taylor

      Black ain’t about color like it is in the Latin community where you actually have to look Latin. Being African American is ; CULTURE. HISTORY. CONSCIOUSNESS. HERITAGE. RACE. We African Americans have always been very diverse and we always will be.

  • Brianna Steele

    where their all mixed

    • Brice Taylor

      There is no such race as mixed. Mixed are mongrel dogs.

  • Brice Taylor

    Great cover with veteran civil rights activist Harry and the new breed Jesse and Zendaya. We are about: CULTURE. HISTORY. HERITAGE. CONSCIOUSNESS. RACE. From The lightest to the darkest we all represent US!

  • Brice Taylor