Have you ever been in a conversation with a white friend or colleague who thought they know more about “the Black experience” than you? That’s what happens to Franchesca Ramsey in MTV Decoded’s hilarious video, White People Whitesplain Whitesplaining

In the clip, Ramsey’s chatting with a friend who brought up a time when a “totally random girl” tried to touch Ramey’s hair. When the comedian tries to explain how the experience made her feel, her friend chimes in and won’t let her speak.

Things only get worse when well-meaning white folks start popping out of the woodwork to explain Ramsey’s experience for her.



Although satirical, the video perfectly illustrates how many people of color feel when they’re trying to share their personal experiences, only to have them drowned out by the “well, actually,” caucus.

Take a look:

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  • Rizzo

    patronization — conscious and/or unconscious

  • It’s an interesting video with many great points. Franchesca Ramsey is great for showing thought provoking videos on important issues. Many whites are arrogant in using whitesplaining as a way to try to usurp the intellectual, social, and political consciousness of black people. Black people are perfectly qualified to outline our own stories, our experiences, and to explain how we filled without patronize or the omission of our personal experiences. We know how retrograde white racist right wing extremists are. Also, as Malcolm X has said, many white people who claim to be “liberal” are actual foxes who seek to patronize black people or stir black people into an arena of control (not liberation). That is why revolutionary politics is so necessary. We want to get rid of racism in all of its dimensions. We want universal health care and an end to ecological destruction. We not only demand justice, but we have every right to implement our autonomous, independent, grassroots, and strong powerbases that can help our black people directly.

    Capitalist exploitation has harmed black people for so long from the Maafa to the suffering of our people in the ghettos of America (We know that there is socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor in many instances. Oil allowances, record bailouts, etc. exist for the rich, but the poor are readily scapegoated for conditions that they never created at all). Internationally, we see unjust wars, torture, and a refugee crisis (where refugees have experienced their human rights being violated by reactionary forces in Hungary, etc.) continuing unabated as a product of Western imperialist actions in the Middle East, including Africa. Domestically, we have mass surveillance and mass incarceration unabated. I believe in political independence. I’m opposed to the privatization of all public resources as I believe in the common good and the common wealth. The video is witty, interesting, and it makes the truth plain.

  • Mary Burrell

    I love Chescahleigh (Franchesca) But how many white people watch these videos and try to learn something? I have observed that white folks don’t like being told “No” and to check their damn privilege. I know they don’t care about these teaching moments when they don’t even try to understand BLM and what it’s about. I applaud Franchesca for trying to teach.