kinggolden14n-3-webAccording to Police Chief Bryan Golden, most times women claim they were raped they were actually just being stupid, but stupid more accurately describes Golden’s decision to speak to a student newspaper about sexual assault and openly victim shame. And the Police Chief has paid for his poor decision, at least temporarily.

Golden was quoted in Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College’s (ABAC) newspaper, The Stallion, as saying in an article on the process of reporting rape:

“Most of these sexual assaults are women waking up the next morning with a guilt complex. That ain’t rape, that’s being stupid. When the dust settles, it was all consensual. It doesn’t happen here. It doesn’t show up here. They’re about as much a rape as a goat roping.”

Even more disturbing than Golden’s perspective on sexual assault is the fact that WALB news pointed out if there’s an allegation of rape on ABAC’s campus the Chief may be the one to help lead the investigation.

ABAC President Dr. David Bridges spoke out against Golden’s remarks saying, “We don’t support them, they were wrong. We don’t in any way condone them. They don’t represent the general view of the college.” While the obvious concern stemming from Golden’s remarks is that the Police Chief’s attitude toward rape may inhibit justice in cases of sexual assault, but Bridges assured sexual assaults are not a problem on campus. “If you look at [the police department] they have an outstanding record for providing safety on campus,” he said, adding that Golden’s comments “were unfortunate, they were insensitive, we have dealt with that.

Dealing with that meant suspending Golden without pay, and also forcing him to undergo sexual assault sensitivity training. But now the chief is back on the job and, of course, declined any opportunity to clear up his comments.

Credit: WALB

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