kinggolden14n-3-webAccording to Police Chief Bryan Golden, most times women claim they were raped they were actually just being stupid, but stupid more accurately describes Golden’s decision to speak to a student newspaper about sexual assault and openly victim shame. And the Police Chief has paid for his poor decision, at least temporarily.

Golden was quoted in Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College’s (ABAC) newspaper, The Stallion, as saying in an article on the process of reporting rape:

“Most of these sexual assaults are women waking up the next morning with a guilt complex. That ain’t rape, that’s being stupid. When the dust settles, it was all consensual. It doesn’t happen here. It doesn’t show up here. They’re about as much a rape as a goat roping.”

Even more disturbing than Golden’s perspective on sexual assault is the fact that WALB news pointed out if there’s an allegation of rape on ABAC’s campus the Chief may be the one to help lead the investigation.

ABAC President Dr. David Bridges spoke out against Golden’s remarks saying, “We don’t support them, they were wrong. We don’t in any way condone them. They don’t represent the general view of the college.” While the obvious concern stemming from Golden’s remarks is that the Police Chief’s attitude toward rape may inhibit justice in cases of sexual assault, but Bridges assured sexual assaults are not a problem on campus. “If you look at [the police department] they have an outstanding record for providing safety on campus,” he said, adding that Golden’s comments “were unfortunate, they were insensitive, we have dealt with that.

Dealing with that meant suspending Golden without pay, and also forcing him to undergo sexual assault sensitivity training. But now the chief is back on the job and, of course, declined any opportunity to clear up his comments.

Credit: WALB

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  • Noirluv45

    How come I get a sinking suspicion that this police chief is sexually shady, meaning he looks like a perv. I don’t believe someone in his position who makes such ridiculous claims can be helped by any sensitivity training. That mentality is too ingrained in the psyche of people like him. For this very reason, many women (let’s not even talk about sexually assaulted men) rape victims hesitate to come forward.

    • elle D.

      He cannot be trusted to uphold law. Period.

    • Right on Sister. How dare that cop disrespect the victims of rape in this fashion.

    • elle D.

      Brother T, sometimes it makes me want to HOLLA when I think about ALL of the changes that must occur for this society to move forward, starting with OVERHAULING the police industry.

    • With all of the events going on Sister, it showed how sick many people are in the world. The police institution needs a total overhaul. When we say that there is an epidemic of police brutality and rape in the world, we are telling the truth. Police terrorism and the Blue Wall of Silence must end.

    • elle D.

      It has to, people have had ENOUGH.

    • Exactly. Many people should have opened their eyes with the events of Watts in 1965 and during the 1990’s. Certainly, enough is enough.

  • Ang

    He needs to be fired!

    • elle D.


  • His comments are totally evil. A victim of rape is a victim. The victim should never be blamed for anything period. This cruel, obscene mentality is not just found in the officer. Golden is a disgraceful male (not man) Yes, I have to go there. That mentality is found in many other misogynists too. Cops are supposed to protect and serve the people. Today, many of them are trying to protect and serve the capitalist class and the oligarchy instead of the masses of the people. The words from that cops should be condemned and as others have stated here, he should be fired. He spoke in a college location, which is a place which is supposed to be filled with progressive thinking. His views are the antithesis of progressive thought. This is why we have to express solidarity and support victims of rape. We are against injustice totally.

    • elle D.


  • Chazz A

    I have a suspicion that this so-called cop is an abuser. There is a sense of deflection in his comments.

  • binks

    He needs to be fired and monitored ASAP. I always side eyed men who make statements like this or joke/dismiss rape in general because that sends my red flags up that you are either a rapist your damn self or going to be one. This is why so many women (and men) suffer in silence and sexual assault is so hard to prosecute because of disgusting attitudes like this.