Credit: WSBTV

Credit: WSBTV

An unnamed East Coweta High School student is now under investigation after posing in a KKK hood and wrapped in a confederate flag. The photo was taken in the school’s parking lot according to school spokesman Dean Jackson.

“It does not reflect the 2900 students of this campus, it does not reflect the school or the school system,” Jackson told WSBTV.com.

In a letter to parents, the school’s principal, Steve Allen, said the incident is under investigation but there was no specific threat.

“The photo came to the high school administration’s attention during the school day,” Allen wrote.

“The two students who were involved were identified and an immediate investigation was conducted.”

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  • Me

    Expel them, arrest them for menacing and attach hate crime statutes. Anything less is BS.

    • binks

      THIS! Stuff like this shouldn’t be overlooked or be treated like a slapped on the wrist, especially since people are so worried about terrorism here and aboard. This is domestic terrorism plain and simple and should be treated as such.

    • I agree with you Sister. This child is a total racist and these hateful actions done by hooded cowards are not new. This has been done by other white racists for years and centuries. This racist, terrorist action should never be tolerated. We want accountability and justice.

  • mywordsaremypower

    What white fuckery is principal talking about “It is not reflective of the 2900 students we have” Someone is telling a massive porky hehe I’m sure a a bit of your student body, parents, teachers and whoever may see no disgust in the picture but if you say it is not reflective I believe you because your white and I’m supposed to trust you -_-