Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.01.08 AMRemember six months ago when people cared whether or not Chris Christie would run for president and then he announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the 2016 election and everyone was like, yawn? Well now the New Jersey Governor is doing what he does best, which is making outlandish comments in the name of being ballsy and no-nonsense for the sake of attention.

Speaking to some 200 people in a town hall meeting in Iowa yesterday, Gov. Christie was asked by a mother of two cops how he’ll support law enforcement as president (because apparently repeatedly getting away with murder isn’t enough). He replied rather backhandedly:

“I think all lives matter. But let me tell you this: When a movement like that calls for the murder of police officers…no President of the United States should dignify a group like that by saying anything positive about them, and no candidate for president, like Hillary Clinton, should give them any credibility by meeting with them, as she’s done.

I want the Black Lives Matter people to understand: Don’t call me for a meeting. You’re not getting one.”

Because that was at the top of their agenda.

In case you need a refresher — and a documented rebuttal for Christie’s claim — review the statement below that was put out by the Black Lives Matter Movement in September after several conservative pundits like Bill O’Reilly began calling them a hate group and blaming them for the deaths of police officers.

“Don’t be fooled. We’re targeting the brutal system of policing, not individual police. The Black Lives Matter Network seeks to end the system of policing that allows for unchecked violence against black people. Right-wing portrayals of this as targeting of individual police are deliberate distortions to derail growing public debate about white supremacy, the ongoing epidemic of violence against black people, and the need to end institutionalized racism in the policing and criminal justice systems.

“The Black Lives Matter Network is a love group. We seek a world in which ALL Black lives matter, and racial hierarchy no longer organizes our lives or yours. This is a vision of love. As Black survivors of White supremacy, our hearts go out to all victims of violence. We know all too well the pain and suffering of losing loved ones to interpersonal and institutional violence. That’s why we call for an immediate end to the centuries of brutality against Black people by the police and by white vigilantes. We also demand economic policies that rebuild Black families and communities destabilized by violent and regressive rules that make the 1% wealthy and impoverish or indebt the rest of us. These are demands of love.”

The situation in Iowa just about embodies every element of trickery BLM spoke to two months ago. We get it; let’s just hope the majority of voters do.

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