When President Obama went “blackity black” during yesterday’s press conference, social media went crazy. It was a rare occurrence of the president to drop the code switching and keeping it all the way 100.

Because there are geniuses habituating the internet, someone thought of the great idea of taking Obama saying “pop off” and making a slamming remix.

Seriously, I’ve listened to this song about 10xs and it makes for good treadmill music. Especially when that beat drops.

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  • It is certainly different.

    • elle D.


    • LOL. I have to keep it real Sister. :)

    • elle D.

      Always Brother T ! :) back at ya

    • You’re so Sweet. How are doing today Sister.

    • elle D.

      It was…a day. Happy to enjoy the evening, how about yourself?

    • It’s been a great day for me. I feel great today Sister. I’m glad that you’re happy to enjoy the evening.

    • elle D.

      That is really good to *hear*/read.

    • Thanks Sister. Yes, one thing for me is when is Fall going to make it up mind. LOL. I’m ready for some real cold weather.

    • elle D.

      I always love the Fall, I am a bit off this year but normally it is my fav time of year. This weather is so confusing right now…worrisome too, I am wondering what Mother Nature has in store around the corner. Be careful about that cold weather wish, I certainly hope we don’t have another “Vortex” lol.

    • The Fall is great. It’s a time of self reflection. It’s a time where people get to analyze things and appreciate and love Nature. It should get colder by next week. The rest of your words certainly remind me of the following saying: “Be careful of what you wish for, because you might just get it.” Last Winter was very cold and it snowed a lot. That Vortex was something. LOL. Sister, I was wearing clothes quick, fast, and in a hurry during last Winter. LOL.

    • elle D.

      That saying rings true time and again–I done learnt that a long time ago lol. I hear you, long johns and all right? ha!

    • You so silly talking about some long johns. :) I like that. lol. In actuality, I like my large coat. I rock my coat. That saying is true indeed Sister.

    • elle D.

      Hee hee that is an old school phrase for those layers up under the clothes. Yes I lurve my big puffy coat!

    • Yes, we as a people, are known for our great fashion style. We got swag naturally. We both love our coats. News coverage has been nonstop in talking about the evil events in Paris.

    • elle D.

      Yes we do have it naturally…I hate that evil events happen in the world and I especially loathe the way the media (propaganda machine that it is) always dwells in negative news. I loathe that the US and Europe don’t own their part in the disaster that is the Middle East, and the chaos that they helped create. Plus, we know people are in disbelief and pain but what is the point in drilling the sad stories over and over again except to drum up ratings, warmongering and relishing in negativity/ and then only when it affects certain spaces and places–some are deemed more newsworthy than others…not to mention the focus on other important issues gets pushed aside. Sigh. It just gets so old so fast.

    • We are filled with creativity indeed. The media has shown coverage all of the time. Usually, heir coverage promotes near fear mongering about how ISIS is invincible when they aren’t. It is part of the Western ego which is why the U.S. and Europe refuse to publicly acknowledge their roles in the chaos in the Middle East. The 1917 Picot Sykes Agreement made by Europeans was about Europeans treating the Middle East as a colonial location not as a free region. The Western backed coups in many Middle Eastern nations have caused Western backed dictators to rule various states. The corporate media loves to ignore real issues and sidestep how the refugees are the victims of the crisis and not the cause of the crisis in the first place.

    • elle D.

      You said it all, I will have to research that agreement, I hadn’t heard that specific name/agreement. I see Clutch has an article about Boko Haram being the world’s deadliest terrorist organization, now let’s see how many talk about going in to Nigeria and taking them out…I will not hold my breath.

    • Preach Sister.

      After the WWI events ended, the West carved up the Ottoman Empire via many policies without regard to ethnicity, creed, or societal structural components. The West wants the geopolitical resources of the Middle East and ISIS is an evil organization too. The West is certainly not going to bomb Boko Haram as they have bombed many Middle Eastern locations.

    • elle D.

      Exactly! SMH.

    • Yes, not many people know about the Sykes–Picot Agreement or the McMahon–Hussein Correspondence (after WWI), which have a huge influence on why events exist as they are today.

    • elle D.

      And it is like until we own TRUTH and get down to the bottom of things, the evil will not be rooted out–people are drawn to orgs like Isis for reasons beyond pure hatred. Imperialist nations definitely feed that beast.

    • Western arrogance and Western ego is a big problem. Some Westerners view themselves as not willing to learn from others and they want to lecture others on democracy. Imperialism is very brutal and it is evil since imperialism denies the principle of human equality. There will always be nihilists in the world.

      Yet, some people join wicked groups like ISIS since they feel left out, some are brutalized, and some just have been manipulated by evil people. So, we have to not only advance justice. We have to advance compassion to the refugees and human dignity for the victims of terror whether they live in Paris or if they live in the Middle East.

    • You know your stuff Sister. :)

      I respect your wisdom.

    • elle D.

      And I respect you back. Always~

    • I respect you back too sister. Always too.

    • elle D.

      I was reading more about the agreement, it is like gee, you think if you try to control a region that you don’t even occupy and force borders and kill dictators, that you won’t have continual problems? They killed off the Native First Nation peoples of the world, they enslaved the mighty people of West Africa, and they create a geopolitical region that is unstable as hell and then they want to go to war again or never end one or something. Against those who are not afraid to die. Sigh.

    • Excellent Points Sister.

      Also, the Treaty of Versailles after WWI allowed the West to carte blanche do whatever they want to do in terms of determining the fate of millions of human beings. I only heard of the agreement a few years ago. Lawrence of Arabia was a British person whose story was in part was about giving power to many Arabic factions after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire. Yet, after WWI, many nations were headed by puppet monarchs who in many cases didn’t work in the interests of the masses of the people.

      The Berlin Conference is very similar to what they or the Western elites did in the Middle East.

    • elle D.

      Sounds familiar. Then the people are left with nothing and they become frustrated and desperate….and then….on and on.

    • It does sound familiar. It’s a brutal, vicious cycle of hate and terrorism. After the Iraqi War, there was the divide and conquer strategy used by imperialists against the Sunnis and the Shias, which contributed to the development of ISIS. ISIS is made up heavily of dissatisfied Sunnis who got tired of being oppressed. With the Syrian conflict, it is even more complex with Kurds, Sunnis, Shias, etc. wanting their own powerbases in the region. That is why a long term political solution is a necessity.

    • elle D.

      Yes it is, too bad we don’t seem to have anyone in charge in any Nation that is really willing to just pull back and take a whole different perspective on things. AND LEAD with that–Obama tries but he won’t be in office much longer. Anyway, it was refreshing as always chatting with you brother.

    • Preach Sister.

      It’s always great communicating with you as well Sister.

      Have a Great Night Sister.

    • elle D.

      You too!

  • Mahogany

    Pure comedy ?

  • Ha, ha, ha!!!!