Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton really wants Black folks to vote for her next year.

In addition to learning how to Nae Nae, Clinton’s spoken at multiple HBCUs, released a criminal justice reform plan, met with Trayvon Martin’s mom, spent time with #BlackLivesMatter activists, talked a lot about racial justice, and now she’s learning how to hit her Wobble.

If Clinton wants to be victorious in 2016 she knows she’ll need Black voters to come out and support her in November, so she’s digging deep into her bag of tricks.

What’s next? Maybe Clinton will turn up at family reunions across the country next summer to learn how your Big Mama cooks her greens just so, or maybe she’ll Hit the Quan next.

While it remains to be seen if Clinton’s outreach to Black voters will work, I guess anything is better than Carson’s hip-hop ad, or this:


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