Credits: Instagram/Getty Images

Credits: Instagram/Getty Images

It can be hard to take anyone who stars on Love & Hip-Hop seriously when they open their mouths, but Lil Scrappy might actually have said something worth listening to last week when he went in on Wendy Williams on Instagram.

From the sounds of things, Scrappy had been holding in animosity toward the talk show host and finally couldn’t take anymore Friday when he wrote:

Everybody go check this lady Wendy williams out I just seen her destroy her own people on her show . She went against Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad already and now she just shitted on the black women on married to medicine and then talk bad and downplay @missymisdemeanorelliott sayin the young kids Dnt Knw her and then try and say her video better than the song like she giving her credit but she still bashing blacks and say all the great things about all the other races so fuck u @wendyshow that shit crazy somebody going to bash you and your legacy one day love u cause your black but hate the way u act

Wendy Williams has earned a reputation for being an equal opportunity hater and mercilessly criticizing celebrities during her Hot Topics segment, but this isn’t the first time she’s been accused of being more shady toward Black stars and making sure not to offend the man too much by lightening her commentary on white entertainers. In most instances, though, the argument boils down to black people expecting other black people to give them a pass when they act wrong on the strength of racial solidarity. And Wendy isn’t here for any of that.

In Scrappy’s specific case, he most definitely lost me at Bill Cosby and, again, it’s hard to take seriously a man on a show that’s done about as much for black women as Donald Trump, but there’s no denying Wendy has made more than one out of pocket comment in her day. The question is has she done so indiscriminately or does she have an anti-black agenda? What do you say?

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  • binks

    Well, even a broken clock is right twice. I agree with him. This is why I stopped watching the Wendy Williams show ages ago and don’t support her. I still remember how she talked about Whitney Houston like she was a dog and all of a sudden when she die she had the biggest tears and pretended like she was her biggest fan and her words was water under the bridge. Wendy Williams comes off as insecure, self-hating and misogynistic especially towards black women, I was done with her when she said “Rihanna is the type of girl you sleep with then take penicillin after you are done…” but she praises the likes of Taylor Swifts who has a revolving door of men but excuses it as saying “she is young and having fun…” well which one is it? Wendy Williams is on my buffoonery and coonery list right along with Barkley and Smith, so I am kind of glad that a lot of major A listers pays her show dust.

  • FromTokyo

    Never liked her because she is a part of the problem.