Credit: Brasil247

Credit: Brasil247

Many of us didn’t get the message it was okay to love our kinky, curly coils until we were full grown adults, and even then a lot of us still struggle to find beauty in what much of society doesn’t. It’s for that reason that it’s always refreshing to see a little girl who learned the lesson sooner than we did and MC Soffia is proof self-hate doesn’t last always.

The pre-teen daughter of Kamilah Gomes Pimentel, a hip-hop teacher at the Ncora Project located in Cotia, São Paulo, is already two steps ahead of the game, boldly taking to the mic to rap as a little girl in an industry dominated by men, and she’s chosen to use her lyrical skills to “spread the word” while “representing proud women” and doing so “with my afro hair” all along the way.

MC Soffia’s love of history and research comes through in her artistry and has been her means of coping with the racism she’s already had to deal with at a young age. After telling her mom she wished she was white because kids used to tease her about her “nappy hair,” Pimentel told her daughter she had to accept her skin and began taking her to hip-hop events. Now MC Soffia constantly reads up on the stories of proud leaders in African history and says she has the perfect response when people say hurtful things to her: “My hair isn’t nappy, my hair is curly. Nappy is your racism!”

Watch MC Soffia rap and explain her journey in the video below.

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  • Rizzo

    an intelligent, strong and beautiful young woman

  • This is a magnificent story. The young black girl is showing the world that her skin and her hair are not only beautiful. She is showing people of all ages that the Afro-Brazilian people are strong and they will continue to work plus advance wisdom in today’s society. MC Soffia is a genius. Her promotion of self-love, of the love of Africa, of the praising of black natural hair, and a respect for black mothers show that she is incredibly intelligent and conscious about the world society. She is one of the shinning lights that will make the future great. Her love of learning history and her inspiring black youth to never be ashamed of their black heritage should be greatly commented. Her mother raised an incredible child. This is one of the most of the inspiring, glorious stories that I have read in my life. Afro-Brazilians have a strong black conscious movement called Movimento Negro. We are in solidarity with Afro-Brazilian Brothers and Sisters.

    National Black Consciousness Day (Dia da Consciência Negra) in Brazil is celebrated on November 20th too.

  • Mahogany

    That video made my day. She’s awesome.

  • jess-s

    somebody bring this girl to the states to school some of our girls…. love this

  • cabugs

    Wow, she better speak truth to power. Bravo! Lovely, intelligent young woman