tumblr_ny3jbhgzBA1qcnyb1o1_400For a while there we were getting a little worried about Michael B. Jordan. When the actor appeared in the October issue of GQ talking about he “doesn’t see black and white” when it comes to women, a lot of us gave the side-eye because we saw him with quite a few white women, suggesting he does see color, he’s just not trying to see too much of it in his bedroom.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne called him out on that a bit, questioning his rumored relationships with Iggy Azealea and Kendall Jenner, saying “I heard that you’re banging every white woman in Hollywood.” You can tell the Creed star wasn’t quite ready for that “aggressive” curve ball, as he called it, but the star insists it’s not like that.

“I like women, period. Black, white, green, brown, orange,” Jordan said before denying any type of personal relationship with Iggy and Kendall.

“I love my sistas out there. Let’s not get it confused,” he added before calling the accusations that he hates black women “ridiculous.”

“I got a strong black woman, I got my mama, my sister. I’m immersed in my community. I love my people. It’s unreal how quick people can try to strip you down and turn you into something you’re not based on a misquote or somebody else’s tweet.”

Acknowledging that he’s still learning the rules to this fame thing and has probably said some things along the way that he shouldn’t have, like calling women females, the 28-year-old said “I’m just asking everybody to grow with me.”

Are you willing to do that or are you still looking at him a little funny?

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