Credit: Julia Sidwell

Credit: Julia Sidwell

We love our moms. And the age-old saying has proven itself true time and time again – Black really don’t crack. But do people ever tell you your mom looks so young she could pass as your older sister – or even *gasp* your twin?

46-year-old Sue Evans and her 23-year-old daughter Imani are often confused for sisters. In addition to that, they dress exactly the same every day and claim to do just about everything together. Traffic stops and heads turn when these two walk down the street sporting the same hairstyle and clothing.

Imani, who styles them both is already thinking again to her wedding day – telling the Daily Mail that she’s dreaming up a joint wedding. Are matching bridal gowns in this pair’s future?

“We are the ultimate mother and daughter duo — MADD for short, which is quite apt,” Imani told The Sun.

We can’t decide where on the cute to strange meter this falls so we’ll leave that up to you.

Credit: Julia Sidwell

Credit: Julia Sidwell

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  • Ang

    They look alike but, they do not look like twins. They are clearly mother and daughter. Heads may be turning because they are a mother and daughter dressed alike. That is not something you see everyday. They are both pretty. But the daughter wears too much makeup. The makeup ages the daughter IMO. That could be why people think they look so much alike. I love the fact that they are close. However, I wonder if the mother is doing her daughter somewhat of a disservice by dressing like her and spending so much time with her. Kids have to step out on their own at some point and find their identity.

  • Ray

    YES one looks younger

  • their very cute. My mom and sisters are my BFFS too.

  • How Sweet.

    Yes, both of them are cute and beautiful.

    It is always cool for the mother and the daughter to bond. They look very alike, but they don’t look exactly twins. The mother does look extremely young. They are free to wear matching clothes. People should be free to have and to display their own style of fashion. Obviously, boundaries should be established as both Sisters should have their own personal individuality, but I witness happiness and joy among a parent and her precious child. Bless both Sisters.

  • Darkness901

    Awesome sauce! Always enjoy seeing good mother and daughter relationships!