On the heels of racist and violent threats against black students at Mizzou, the NAACP is giving college students a direct line to report incidents of racism.

Students who receive racist threats can call  844-NAACP-HELP if they need assistance. Nimrod Chapel, president of the Jefferson City NAACP, told Huffington Post that students who didn’t feel comfortable going to the police should use that number.

“If you look at the history of the Civil Rights Movement, when concessions are made for equality and respect for human dignity, there have always been individuals who feel as though their liberty is being stifled,” Chapel said.

Chapel said it’s “unfortunate” the NAACP hasn’t been “at the forefront of this issue.”

“The students and concerned members of the University of Missouri have given us all a wake up call,” Chapel said.

The phone calls will be anonymous, and if the caller decides to involve the police, the NAACP will make sure the complaints are handled and investigated.

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  • The NAACP since its inception has been involved in protests and legal situations. When NAACP member WEB DuBois went out of the box and supported socialist and communist causes overtly back in the 1950’s, then he was kicked out of the NAACP (as the NAACP was heavily anti-Communist decades ago). NAACP leadership has criticized Dr. King for his opposition to the Vietnam War. So, the NAACP is divided into 2 factions. One faction includes folks who are sincere and want justice. The other faction represents the bourgeois and wants token measures and no revolutionary change. That is the history and the legacy of the NAACP. With that being said, I have no issues with the hotline per se, but more has to be done beyond that. There should be, as the elders have said, the autonomous development of our independent powerbase as the Chinese, Hispanic people, Greeks, Jewish people, and other ethnic groups have done for generations. That’s commonsense and history has proven that group solidarity in the black community is necessary in order for us to be truly liberated. We need to build more of our institutions and we need to help black people who are poor and working class. There is no revolution without the unification of the poor and working class in a unified front to struggle against class & racial oppression.