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Fifty-four-year-old Eddie Murphy and his young boo Paige Butcher, 36, are expecting a baby. The child is Paige’s first — Eddie’s ninth. Yes, ninth.

It’s a large number, one most of us probably weren’t even aware of. In addition to the five kids the comedian had with ex-wife Nicole, he also had two kids prior to their marriage with two different women and his youngest is an 8-year-old with former Spice Girl Mel B that he initially denied. That denial was actually the first thing I thought about when I read Eddie would be a father again, since it seems he wasn’t too thrilled the last time, and then I thought about the age difference between his oldest child and the baby on the way and thought, 26 years is a lot.

But then I came across a tweet that posed another conundrum.

Is nine children too many — even with a net worth estimated at about $80 million?

Most of our grandparents did it, and with far less resources, and our parents turned out okay, right?

Well, the big difference between Eddie and big mama and big daddy (besides the millions) is, at one point in time, there was a reason for so many children. There was physical labor that needed to be done and, above all, birth control wasn’t readily accessible. Eddie Murphy, on the other hand, could have condoms delivered to his front door if he wanted to. Judging by his history, I’m going to assume he wouldn’t be interested in that service.

Still, while @freelancewoman does raise an interesting point about carelessness, her commentary comes from an assumption that this baby with Eddie’s girlfriend of four years wasn’t planned. And considering five of Eddie’s eight kids are already adults, it’s not as though he’s raising nine children at once, so calling the choice to procreate again “stupid” may be just a bit harsh. To be honest, I’m more concerned with the four baby mama’s than I am nine children, but fingers crossed everything works out in the end.

Clutchettes, do you think there’s a such thing as having too many kids, even if you can afford them?

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