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Credit: Twitter

Getting dumped sucks, but dumping someone else isn’t exactly fun either. Men and women all over the country stay in relationships they checked out of months ago simply because they don’t have the balls to cut the cord, but now you can pay someone to do your dirty work for you. Seriously.

The company offering this service is new — just launched two weeks ago — so we can’t be held responsible for any consequences should you choose to hit them up for business, but, FYI, The Breakup Shop is available to break up with your man for you in a variety of ways and at a number of price points.

A Vice writer who paid the company $30 to break up with his girlfriend of five years (just as a test) interviewed 20-year-old co-founder Mackenzie who looks at his service like this:

“People are already paying services like Tinder to get them in a relationship, why not pay a service to get you out of one?”

Hmmm because it’s cowardly? Rude? Insensitive? Impersonal?

If you don’t mind being any of those things then, by all means, view the buffet of offerings The Break Up Shop offers:

  • A breakup email for $10
  • A breakup text for $10
  • A standard breakup letter for $20
  • A custom breakup letter for $30
  • Or a breakup phone call starting $29 (you can pay more to rush the order)

According to Vice, “The Breakup Shop also has a gift shop, where you can buy the person you’re breaking up with a Netflix subscription or Call of Duty. Alternatively, you can buy them for yourself as a comfort after being dumped.”

Evan, Mackenzie’s brother who co-founded the company with him, insists the purpose of The Breakup Shop is actually noble. He apparently got the idea for the service after a girl he was casually seeing disappeared on him. He told Vice:

“The least you can do is break up with someone and give them that closure.”

And for $30 or less you can apparently pay for someone else to give it to them. Check out the call the Vice writer’s girlfriend received when they tested the service. Would you ever do this?


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