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Credit: The White House

President Obama supports the University Of Missouri protestors vocalizing their discontent with how the campus is being run, but said they shouldn’t be muzzling or shooting down speech they disagree with. ABC released a video from the President’s interview with George Stephanopoulos yesterday and in it, Obama says it’s entirely appropriate for students to protest in a thoughtful and peaceful way but added that being an activist involves hearing the other side.

Stephanopoulos brought up the idea of militant political correctness, which Obama completely rejected as a useful tactic for protestors.

Obama continued, noting that it’s important for protestors to be able to listen because if they feel threatened by dissenting ideas, that’s a recipe for dogmatism and they won’t be as effective.

Some are confused by Obama’s statements, questioning who he is referring to as the other side and why protestors should listen at all.

What are your thoughts on the President’s statements?

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