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Sherri Shepherd lost her court battle against her ex-husband, Lamar Sally, on Monday. Shepherd, for the last 2 years, said she shouldn’t be responsible to pay child support for a surrogate baby. Before Shepherd and Sally ended their marriage, a surrogate was already carrying a baby for them. The child, now 2-years-old, will receive $4,100 in child support from Shepherd and she’ll remain on his birth certificate.

The owner of the agency who arranged the surrogate agreement stated that the ruling was ” a victory for all families formed through assisted reproductive arrangements.”

“This will allow parents and carriers to feel secure,” Melissa Brisman, owner of the New Jersey-based Reproductive Possibilities, said. “A great decision for the surrogacy community.”

Sally was also happy about the ruling that was no doubt in his favor.

“I’m glad it’s finally over,” Sally told PEOPLE magazine. “I’m glad the judges saw through all the lies that she put out there, and the negative media attention. If she won’t be there for L.J. emotionally, I’ll be parent enough for the both of us.”

Shepherd has yet to make a comment. She’s probably somewhere getting her coins in order.

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  • RaiseTheBar

    LSally intentions in getting Sherri to marry him were always suspect — his “adoration” for her son (according to Sherri) is why she agreed to marry him. Shortly after they’re on their way to an acrimonious divorce???

    Sherri had a pre-nup agreement with him. I’m not sayin’ he’s a gold-digger, but he wasn’t messin’ with no broke . . .

    Sherri’s appears to be a case of buyer’s remorse from agreeing to marry him and agreeing to the surrogacy. Unfortunately, having part in a child coming into this world is a bell that can not be unrung.

    Hopefully her public facade (#all-is-well-in-my-world) supports her personal challenges.

  • John Bata

    I didn’t know she was a lesbian.

  • binks

    This is the right call. Despite the nastiness of the divorce after the fact of this baby’s conception, Sherri Shepherd helped set things in motion for this child to be born. This child didn’t ask to be here and be born into this dysfunction so it isn’t fair to this child to say “well, biologically he isn’t mines so not my problem and responsibility” because your marriage didn’t plan out how you wanted it. All she can do is co-parent at this point. But I agree with those who said let this be a lesson to other women. Babies aren’t fixers for a marriages/relationships, be cautious when you are the breadwinners because a lot of men these days are gold diggers, stick to your standards/beliefs because it is much easier to walk away with a divorce then a baby that binds you to a man for life, etc.