It’s no secret that Emmy Award-winning producer Shonda Rhimes runs a tight ship when it comes to the way she expects the actors and actresses on her shows to conduct the themselves in real life, and she recently even admitted to cutting the lifespan of a certain character short due to her dislike for the person who portrayed them on-screen.

From Isaiah Washington’s “Greys Anatomy” firing heard around the world, to Katherine Heigl’s subtle but obvious demise on the same show, to Columbus Short’s inevitable “Scandal” exit, Shonda has certainly remained consistent over the years with her pattern of removing several cast members from her shows shortly after they were publicly revealed to have clashed with her in one way or another.

In Shonda’s defense, the real-life circumstances leading up to the elimination of most of the aforementioned actors and actresses did seem justified and in some cases, she even gave them forewarning.

So who exactly was the unlucky TV star to get the boot from the queen of primetime? Well, if you’re waiting for an answer from Shonda, it’s not likely to come anytime soon. During a recent appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show” with host Larry Wilmore, Shonda gave this short and sweet reply to the million dollar question of whether or not a character has met their demise on one of her shows because she didn’t care for the actor portraying them:

“Yes,” Rhimes said, after hesitating briefly, “and I’m not naming names.”

Hmmm. If you had to take a wild guess between Isaiah Washington, Katherine Heigl, Columbus Short or Patrick Dempsey, which one of these four would you assume Shonda was referring to, Clutchettes?

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