In front of a room filled with his Hollywood peers, Spike Lee accepted his honorary Oscar during Saturday night’s Governors Award. But it was his 15 minute speech that has people talking.

Lee, who has been making the round promoting his new film Chi-Raq, spoke about Hollywood’s ever-present lack of diversity.

“This industry is so behind sports, it’s ridiculous,” Lee said from the podium. “It’s easier to be the president of the United States as a black person than to be the head of a studio. Honest. Or the head of a network.

“I’m getting real here,” Lee told the room filled with Hollywood’s most powerful executives and biggest stars. “Everybody here probably voted for Obama. But when I go to offices, I see no black folks, except for the brother man who is the security guard who checks my name as I go into the studio.”

Lee, who was presented the award by Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes and Samuel L. Jackson, didn’t mince his words when critiquing Hollywood. It’s this lack of diversity that has led Lee to create his movies using other venues and sometimes his own resources.

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

When you look at Hollywood, Lee wants to make sure that everyone is represented. There may have been some improvement over the last couple of years, but Hollywood definitely needs to do a lot more work.

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  • lynn1066

    He makes very valid points.

  • Hollywood has always had a diversity problem since its inception. Spike Lee is right to call out the racial discrimination and the lax opportunities for black people in that industry.

  • Kamala Jones

    Spike is rightfully calling out White liberal Democrats. These people seemingly befriend us but when it comes to substantive actions like hiring Blacks, and doling out business loans even to Blacks who are as qualified as White applicants, discriminate against us.

  • Dee2002

    “Diversity Is Being Invited to the Party; Inclusion Is Being Asked to Dance.” – Verna Myers

  • Chazz A

    One thing is certain, at least Spike has the stones to speak the truth about Hollywood. I wonder if any of the other brothers standing with him will do the same? (Rhetorical)

    • Marmaduke

      All of those men are multimillionaires (well I don’t know about Snipes but I assume he’s got enough to get by). Tell me why each one of them couldn’t put money together (or individually if they hate each other) and make their own network, television studio, production company or what have you that could hire black writers/producers/actors.

      They all need to step right out of that picture because they are not that serious about what he’s trying to say.

      They’re also the ones who’ve been extra quiet about black rights while people are getting killed and threatened in the streets.

      I’m glad he said something but the others really should be there cheesing like he took the words out of their mouth. They’ve had ample time, money, influence and opportunity to make a difference.

    • Chazz A

      You’re right, with the kind of wealth those five brothers have generated, there is no excuse for them not to pool their resources and demand change.