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Courtesy of Universal Studios

Straight Outta Compton has officially become the highest-grossing film by a Black director. The F. Gary Gray directed NWA biopic, which is currently at the center of a massive lawsuit from former N.W.A. manager Jerry Heller, has accumulated a box office total of over 200 million since its August 2015 release.

The previous record holder, held by Keenan Ivory Wayans’ Scary Movie, grossed a total of over 157 million.

Straight Outta Compton slayed from the very beginning with an unprecedented three-week run at the top of the box office. Thanks to the film’s success, F. Gary Gray landed himself the prestigious gig of directing Furious 8. With Furious 7 becoming Universal’s first film to cross the $1 billion mark, Furious 8 is on a trajectory to meet, if not beat, that benchmark. Should the seventh sequel in the Fast And Furious franchise live up to its escalating history, then Gray will find himself in yet another position of blockbuster distinction.

Thinking ahead, Straight Outta Compton’s DVD sales should make for yet another record breaking spectacular.

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  • G

    No surprises here. Of course it is the highest grossing Black film . . . . it is full of tried and true ghettoragous stereotypes!

    • elle D.

      The white fanboys of hip hop just lurve to eat that mess up too-

    • Great Point Sister.

    • elle D.

      Good night Brother T.

    • Goodnight Sister elle D.

  • Lelani

    After reading the straight up racist and misogynist casting call for this movie, plus the racial/colorist tweet by O’Shea Jacksons girlfriend that he does not like “your kind” i.e black women, I just can’t bring myself to care.

    • Ce1999

      Same. I didn’t even watch the bootleg. Disgusted.

  • Under the “guise” of being against police brutality, this film glamorizes many of the anti-black stereotypes that we abhor. From the evil colorist casting call to the lyrics of NWA glamorizing rape, no revolutionary can proclaim the movement of NWA as revolutionary. NWA is a counterrevolutionary movement. Also, we have to look at the social conditions of that time period. After Carter’s administration ended, Reagan came about. Reagan cut social spending, used strike breaking, and executed militarism. His support of the war on drugs has caused havoc in black and poor communities nationwide. Yet, many of these bad conditions (which were caused by reactionary capitalist politicians like Reagan, etc.) are never excuses for
    some to celebrate crime, misogyny, and nihilistic violence. Many movies refuse to advocate revolutionary solutions to poverty, unemployment, and homelessness.
    The words from Dee Barnes, Delores Tucker, and other Sisters rig true that there is no freedom unless black women are respected (and are truly liberated).

  • Mary Burrell

    What a shame this trash is getting any kind of validity