Tuesday evening the video showing Laquan McDonald being shot and killed by a Chicago police officer was released. The violent video quickly made its way around social media and sparked outrage. Earlier in the day, Officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with murder in the 2014 killing.

Many news outlets quickly posted the video to their website, but one outlet thought it was a good idea to post the shooting as an actual gif on their Twitter account.

The Daily Beast posted a gif of McDonald being shot, and people were naturally outraged. How could a news site think that was ok? People sent a barrage of tweets to the Daily Beast, and ANON actually threatened to take over their Twitter account.

Eventually the tweet was removed, but the damage had already happened.


Goldie Taylor, an editor at large for the Daily Beast, responded to the feedback by saying, “By tweeting a GIF, we unintentionally trivialized a death. We are deleting.”

It’s a shame that once again a black man’s death was put on display for the world to see, but also that a news site wanted to further trivialize it to boost their retweets and Twitter analytics.

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