Credit: Never Liked It Anyway

Credit: Never Liked It Anyway

Man, listen. We know how it is. You really thought this was gonna be it. It was all good just a month ago. You guys broke bread with each other’s families and danced around a tinsel-smothered tree last year and things were going relatively well. Somehow it just didn’t work out.

Every breakup is different but they all share one thing in common – residual stuff – whether it be old gifts, shared household items or other seemingly insignificant material things that remind you of the blissful and then not so blissful time the two of you spent together.

If you’re hesitant to just toss everything into a giant wastebasket and say good riddance to those things without any kind of return on your investments, Never Like It Anyway has you covered. The online marketplace allows you to sell anything and everything that reminds you of your triflin ex.

“If you look at it, there’s $2 billion in the dating space and zero dollars in the break-up space,” Never Liked It Anyway founder Bella Acton told Quartz.

People are selling everything from bicycles to wedding dresses on the site and according to BuzzFeed, the most expensive item sold to date is an $18,500 engagement ring.

The website offers a lot more than just cash for the things you never want to lay an eyeball on again though. It’s also a space for the emotionally scarred, recently dumped and heartbroken to vent and mend. There’s even a “Tell It” section for users to share their pain and connect with others in similar situations.

So take those build a bears created in your likeness and auction those babies off. Catharsis shall follow.

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