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While a lot of folks were prematurely too through with the idea of TIDAL before it even really fully launched, the new direction in which Jay Z is taking the higher priced streaming service might be changing minds soon. According to Variety, Jay Z’s TIDAL will start streaming original shows, both scripted and unscripted, in addition to the music and music videos that are already available to subscribers.

On November 3rd they premiered a series devoted to highlighting comedians called No Small Talk, and will continue in January with the second season of Money & Violence, a hit web series about Brooklyn street life. With more to offer subscribers than ever before, it might be time for people to finally start shelling out the extra dollars for the kind of enhanced VIP experience Jay Z is committed to providing. It’s clear that TIDAL may have a lot more in the works and waiting in the wings than we ever imagined.

Many have remained disinterested in TIDAL because it only seemed to do what other streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify already did so well, but for money. With this new frontier, TIDAL can now count Amazon Prime and Netflix among its counterparts, which makes the $19.99 price point seem a lot more worthwhile.

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