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A YouTuber, Kurzgesagt, is accusing Tyrese of stealing their videos and uploading them to his own Facebook page without permission. Something that YouTubers have been dealing with for a while when it comes to celebs.

The YouTuber says Tyrese took one of the videos, and uploaded it, and it was viewed 89 million times. Views that could have gone to the YouTuber who has a monetized account.  The issue with using people’s content without permission is that it means the original content creator won’t receive exposure or the associated ad revenue they would have generated had those views occurred on YouTube.

The YouTube account says Gibson is not the only one who does this. “A whole group of people have built their online presence around stealing other people’s work,” Kurzgesagt writes.

According to Business Insider, this is the first time someone has accused Tyrese of stealing their videos. But like stated above, if you go to any random celebrity’s page, you’ll notice various YouTube  videos that don’t belong to them being uploaded and viewed.

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  • Me

    That’s slimy. These are the same folks complaining about pirating, and had Napster sued, now they’re doing this to small time Joe Schmoes who need the money way more. Pay up Tyrese!

  • Noirluv45

    A friend of mine’s sister works at Cedar Sinai in L.A. According to her and other coworkers, they said Tyrese is a jerk, very arrogant, and acts entitled! I’m not surprised at this claim.

    • HighFashionJunkie

      i can believe that! he seems to feel that way (entitled as if he’s some prince, when he’s just a singer that is not what he once was when he hit the stage years before), always looking to push his latest offering onto folks!

    • I can vouch for it. I had my own experience with him a while back when he first joined Twitter. He came off very arrogant and ignorant. I’ve gotten over it, but it’s something you don’t forget.

    • Noirluv45

      I believe it. I’ve often heard Twitter users unfollowing him for the same reason you stated, Soulfulbeauty.

  • Tyrese is the person who constantly gives advice on relationships, goal setting, and other self help issues. He was famous for singing in the bus during that Coca Cola commercial back in 1997. If he’s guilty of what he is being accused of, then he has to face accountability.

  • Chazz A

    If the owner of the video can claim that all material has a copyright and is his/her own original creation, then Tyrese can legally be held liable for infringement.

  • Marmaduke

    That’s an issue I’ve found with fb overall. There are millions of videos posted with no source and I’m quite certain most of them weren’t directly uploaded to fb since youtube is where the money’s at. It’s especially annoying if I want to share the video link with someone who doesn’t have a fb account and therefore can’t see the video. Sometimes I have to go hunting for where it actually came from so the owner can actually get their well deserved clicks. I’m not against uploading videos on fb but please cite your sources.