Tim Wolfe, President of the University of Missouri system, announced that he will step down amid weeks protests, a student hunger strike, and a boycott by the University of Missouri’s football team. Wolf told reporters he hopes his resignation will help the university heal.

“I love MU,” an emotional Wolfe said before explaining his decision to step down.

Despite multiple racially charged incidents at the university, the pressure for Wolfe to reign increased after Jonathan Butler, a graduate student, embarked on a hunger strike to raise awareness about the issues, and the football team said it would not play until Wolfe stepped down.

Students of color at the university have accused Wolfe of not taking their concerns seriously, a point he admitted to during his decision to resign.

“I take full responsibility for this frustration and I take full responsibility for the inaction that has occurred,” Wolfe said, during a press conference. “Use my resignation to heal and start talking again.”

Student protesters cheered when news of Wolfe’s decision to step down spread, but many say his resignation is only the beginning.

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  • Nononsense73

    I was happy to hear this news. Mr. Wolfe failed to ensure that Black students felt safe and supported on campus so his resignation is justified. I am so proud of the Missouri students who said enough is enough and took active measures. Hit folks in their pockets (football=big buck$), where it hurts. I am inspired and hope others are, too, to demand respect they deserve.

  • Another real point is to be mentioned too. This young generation is asserting itself in many ways. We have seen the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, Dream Defenders, and so many other young organization that desire liberation for all black people in the Diaspora. The events in the University of Missouri were made possible by the young. In the young, resides the revolutionary spirit as decades ago young SNCC activists stood up for freedom in the South. Corporate feared an extended boycott, so Wolfe resigned. This is the beginning. The resignation of Wolfe is a welcomed development as his inaction to the serious problems of racism and verbal abuse in the campus of the University of Missouri is a serious problem. Systematic change must happen.

    • theresa.

      Agreed. Hopefully they don’t replace him with someone worse, or a POC to use as a scapegoat if things go wrong again.

    • I agree with you Sister. Strong, progressive leadership is always important. Real change comes about via struggle, sacrifice, and courage.