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Despite countless memes, Gifs, and even a few calendars made all in good fun, no one really takes cuffing season seriously — at least not seriously enough to warrant an exposé in the New York Times. And yet what was published two days ago? An exposé on cuffing season in the New York Times.



What begins with a brief history lesson on how “Fabolous popularized the term with his 2013 track ‘Cuffin Season‘ quickly ventures off into an annoying diatribe of Columbusing when the writer claims “Today, like a steady hookup teetering on the brink of something more, cuffing season is poised to break into the mainstream.” In other words, we just found out cuffing season is a thing so we’re about to explain it to you like it’s some new hipster ish for the cool kids because our senior editor wants us to tap into Black Twitter.

No dice NYT. As if the premise of the article wasn’t annoying enough, not to mention beneath the once well-respected newspaper, it’s also void of any meat. The author basically spends a few hundred words telling us about how he went around trying to talk to people (we’re going to assume are white) about cuffing season and they either didn’t know what it is or relayed that it’s not that serious. The former, we assume is how the writer justified his pitch; the latter proves why the finished product was a fail.

In fact, the only reason the article is worth clicking on is to read the comments ripping it apart, like this one right here.

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We concur.


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