With just 2 seasons under its’ belt and a third in progress, BET’s way-too-realistic drama series Being Mary Jane has already managed to keep us on the edge of our seats and filled with anticipation at the end of each episode.

As is the case with any addictive television program, one of the great things about Being Mary Jane is the phenomenal job that the writers and creator Mara Brock Akil does with flawlessly translating real-life situations into a narrative in a way that’s as endearing as it is entertaining. Part of that what keeps us all coming back each week are the multi-dimensional storylines that we just can’t get enough of, but there are also more than a few of them that have continued to linger despite being cut short in the first or second seasons and although it’s likely a long shot, we’d love to see them play out at some point in season 3.

Here are 4 that come to mind:

Mary Jane and Andre’s love affair
The Mary Jane and Andre saga was only given a life span of one season, but what a great season it was. Given that their love affair was one born out of deceit and adultery, it was only a matter of time before everything came crashing down around them.  But surely Andre didn’t just disappear into thin air at Mary Jane’s request, especially with them supposedly living in the same town….or did he? And what about Andre’s wife Avery? The confrontation between she and Mary Jane in season one was certainly a memorable moment and we’d love to know whether or not she actually stuck around in her marriage with Mary Jane out of the picture.

Niecey’s relationship with the father of her children
With Niecey finally taking steps to get her life together this season, it’d be refreshing to see her baby’s father back in the picture, even if not back in her life personally. The narrative that young people (and especially young people of color) who have children together but don’t end up getting married or staying together can still have a healthy co-parenting relationship is one that is rarely brought to life on-screen. While not an ideal situation, it is one that’s very common in many communities.

The effect that Mary Jane’s mother Helen’s dislike for her granddaughter’s mother is having on her granddaughter
Too often in family situations, and even more often in-law situations, family members fail to realize the damage that they’re doing to the children involved by attempting to make life miserable for an adult family member that they don’t care for whenever they’re forced to be around each other. Delving further into the effects that Mary Jane’s mother Helen constantly criticizing the mother of her granddaughter for her shortcomings is having on the granddaughter herself would make for an interesting addition to their complicated storyline.

Mary Jane’s judgmental attitude towards situations that she can’t see herself going through
From Niecey’s struggle with young motherhood, to her brother Patrick’s struggle with addiction, to Kara’s struggle with finding an efficient work-life balance, Mary Jane’s reservations about being empathetic towards unfavorable situations that she feels she’ll never experience deserve an entire episode.  Although she’s extraordinarily dependable and even shows quick spurts of sympathy when the people in her life are at their wit’s’ end, her tendency to maintain an attitude that wreaks of overwhelming judgement doesn’t quite get called out enough. Whether through a dream sequence, a flashback or maybe even just a day where her family and friends just set out to teach her a lesson in reality, seeing how Mary Jane would fare if she were in the shoes of those who don’t have it quite as good as she has worked to have it would make for quite the plot twist.

What other storylines would you like to see revisited or further explored on Being Mary Jane season 3, Clutchettes?

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