Fifteen-year-old Blackish Actress Yara Shahidi is a rising star, to put it lightly. Patrice Grell Yursik of the popular blog Afrobella interviewed the actress for Teen Vogue, and the talented naturalista modeled five different artful and stylish ways to rock natural hair. Celebrity Hairstylist Lacy Redway worked magic on Yara’s curly mane to create a number of inspiring styles for those who are already natural, transitioning, or just thinking about embarking a natural hair journey for the first time.

“This shoot means so much to me because it’s personal to me. I wish growing up I had more people with hair that looked like this in magazines,” Redway captioned one of the photo’s from the shoot on Instagram.

Check out the rest of the gorgeous gallery and details on how Lacy completed each of the jaw dropping looks.

Photo by Nadya Wasylko © 2015

Photo by Nadya Wasylko © 2015

Loose Free Flowing Curls:
“Yara has great hair and beautiful curls. It didn’t take much for her to get this look. If you don’t have this exact texture and you wanna get this look, you can do a twist-out. Try a two-strand twist, and set it with a little mousse or hair cream. I recommend you leave the twists in overnight, because you want the style to set and last. In the morning, when it’s all dry and set, use your fingers to separate the strands, and then use a hair pick or wide tooth comb to loosen up the roots.”

Photo by Nadya Wasylko © 2015

Photo by Nadya Wasylko © 2015

Low Avant Garde Pony:
“This look was transitional from the bun; I used water to reactivate the gel after taking down the bun. Then I created a deep center part and used a scarf to tie the hair off to make sure the back stayed frizzy. Next, I dried the top gelled part with my hair dryer and diffuser to help control the heat. Finally, I brushed out her curls to make the ends frizzier and poofier.”

Photo by Nadya Wasylko © 2015

Photo by Nadya Wasylko © 2015

Sophisticated French Braid Remix:
“In the front, there are two French braids that we pinned towards the back of her ears. I wanted to accentuate all her curls and texture, so I didn’t want to do styles where you couldn’t really see her beautiful hair.”

Photo by Nadya Wasylko © 2015

Photo by Nadya Wasylko © 2015

Sky High Side Bun:
“I used gel for the high pony puff, because I wanted it to be shiny. I used a product that has a weird name – Gorilla Snot gel. To pull the hair up, I used a Bungee, which is great for natural hair. You hook one side of the elastic into the hair and wrap it around the ponytail a couple of times to keep it in place, and then you take the second hook and attach it to the first one,” Lacy says. “I wrapped the hair around the bungee and used hair pins to help me create that round shape and secure the bun. For that high neckline, I really wanted to showcase her face…you can see in her eyes this confidence at age 15. It’s beautiful.”

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    • Desiree Morgan

      Jealous. She is a beautiful young lady.

    • There is no jealousy. I am just simply tired of articles like this.

    • M Anderson C

      Hear hear. Esp. when the writer/narrator doesn’t really have much knowledge so that they can enable readers to apply the info. more broadly to their hair situations. It’s fine that this is the case: only women w that texture will achieve that specific look, but the result is a little underwhelming, cuz we’re just sitting here looking at her hair. Lol.

    • Monique Gordon

      Me too

  • She is happy and beautiful. Great Photos.

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    She is beautiful and her hair is styled nicely!

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    I think she’s a gorgeous young lady. Lovely styles.