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There’s been a lot of talk about mixed babies in the media lately. Part of the reason is because multi-ethnic children are quickly becoming a growing and prominent group in American culture, but the larger reason is because most minorities don’t equate that growth with increasing racial tolerance and inclusion, the way mainstream media would have us think, but more so a long-standing gravitation of African-Americans towards partners with exotic (read: non-African) features that will allow them to have babies with light skin and “good” hair.

If you don’t think those beliefs are still running rampant, check your own social media timeline — or the snapshot of one above which perfectly sums up this issue. At some point in your life, you’ve likely heard someone gush over the idea of having “cute mixed babies” and we’re sure your skin subsequently began to crawl for a myriad of reasons. Roslyn Cecilia likely outlined them all in this Facebook post that has now gone viral in which she went all the way in on not only the fetishization of mixed children but the pedophilia that underlies these preferences and the women who get off on it. She wrote in response to the image above:

1. Spanish women are from Spain, a European country. I know you didn’t know that, so your welcome for the correction. When you’re demonstrating your internalized racism, please do so accurately. The word you were looking for was Latina (you know, the ones you think all look alike with light skin and dark, long curly hair and attitude you’re “willing” to put up with because at least she’s not black ?….because Latinas can’t possibly be black ?????)

2. Note the fact that the tweeter, as do many ain’t shit people with internalized racism, favor not only Latinx-black mixed children, but do so ONLY when that mix is specifically a black MAN and a Latina WOMEN. You don’t see black women and Latinx men fetishized too much. I wonder why…

3. Fetishization of mixed children LITERALLY translates into: I want to have a daughter (Note: Daughter!!! Cuz who cares if your son come out black — he gonna hook up with Latina anyway. “Problem solved!”) who will grow up into a woman I think is fuckable.

4. Sooooo, ladies….Latinas specifically who cater to this fucked up shit because they enjoy the ego boost, consider this a fair warning of the fact that your baby daddy is a pedophile for his own daughter. And you ain’t nothing but the plug.

Thank you.

And the digital mic was dropped. Where’s O’Shea Jackson Jr.’s ex-girlfriend when you need her?

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