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They say that the children are the future and if Zendaya Coleman, Malia Obama and Amandla Stenberg are at the helm of that future, then we have slightly less to worry about. All three were named on TIME magazine’s annual 30 Most Influential Teens list. Jaden Smith and “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” mastermind Silent√≥ also scored a nod.

With her clear displays of both confidence and intelligence, it’s easy to see why Zendaya landed a spot on the list. The 19-year-old Nickelodeon star has remained tactful and poised in the public eye (i.e slaying Giuliana Rancic’s life in the most royal of ways after that “patchouli and weed” on her locs). Reinforcing body positivity and reminding us to never compare ourselves to the next girl is also on the star’s weekly to do a list.

“I keep it real,” the actress and singer told TIME. “I do what Zendaya does. I do what Zendaya feels like doing.”

Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg, 17, has emerged as a voice for all young Black women. She made headlines earlier this year when her video detailing cultural appropriation in pop culture went viral.

Calling her a “cultural icon,” First Daughter Malia Obama was selected for her increasing status and influence. TIME editors pointed out that the world is eagerly awaiting her college decision, and after a photo of her wearing a Pro Era shirt went viral, traffic to Joey Bada$$’s Wikipedia page spiked to all kinds of record levels. The world is sure to be eyeing every article of clothing, every hairstyle and makeup look like hawks for years to come.

What young women do you think deserve a spot on the list?

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  • All three teenagers are strong, very intelligent human beings.

  • binks

    Congrats to these teenagers.You are never too young to be influential to society and those around you.

  • D1Mind

    Yep. The latest obiligatory white token pat on the head to some black folks who don’t own or control anything as ‘influential’, which means pretty much nothing.

    • Ang

      Most of the people on those “influential” lists don’t own or control anything. The entire list is B.S. It’s basically a list of popular people.

  • EyesRollin’

    Hmmm. Someone at TIME (writer/editor) needs to learn the definition of “influential” –being KNOWN (or children of famous people) is not the same thing as influential. Even FLOTUS said, Malia has not done anything influential enough to be on this list. Are they amazing kids, sure but Amandla is the only (of the THREE pictured) who has been TRULY influential outside of her acting career. Kudos for many of the other kids though. At least the ones who do something other than act.

  • Mary Burrell

    Amanda truly is remarkable in my opinion I was impressed with her speaking out on cultural appropriation. That was impressive and the way the racist came for her in social media with their hateful posting is very telling of their mentality. White people when they are doing something foul don’t want to be told no and told to stop it.