During a recent interview with The Fader, Atlanta-bred Hip Hop Artist Makonnen Sheran a.k.a ILoveMakonnen was asked whether or not he had been following the Black Lives Matter movement or the late November incident where yet another unarmed black man being shot by police in Minneapolis.

His response was, “Yeah, but not really though. All lives matter and that’s how I’ve always been. Just to be like, “Oh I’m pro black and for black lives.” Fuck that because when my friends were dying in Atlanta and there were black lives and white lives taking black lives and all that bullshit. That was when we needed the Black Lives [Matter] campaign to come campaign for us. I aint got time for all ya’ll and all that bullshit now. You only do the shit when it’s convenient. All lives always have mattered. Fuck out my face telling me black lives matter, or saying white lives matter, or any fucking life matters. If don’t all lives matter than no lives fucking matter. That’s how I feel and until we down for that shit, don’t ask me to come comment on shit. I ain’t got nothing to say because I know what’s been going on.

Buy my damn EP and see me at the show, that’s what I do. That’s why I’m on earth and that’s what motherfuckers are paying me to do and that’s what people are all making a living off of so let me stay in my line in that rotation. I’m not running for no fucking politics to try to change y’all. It’s too late for ya’ll. I’m trying to help teach the kids if anything. I need to be a schoolteacher when I finish rapping.”

Do you think he should have answered the question a little differently or do you appreciate his brash (albeit somewhat ignorant) honesty?

Read the rest of the interview here.

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