Abuse allegations are already touchy when it comes to relationships but when you add race into the mix, accusations tend to take on a whole different meaning. Case in point, a debacle currently playing out between Lauren Nostro, a white woman who’s the Managing Editor for Complex, and her black ex-boyfriend, Ernest Baker, also a writer.

Two days ago, Nostro took to Twitter to expose her ex when she uploaded the image above and wrote: “I’m a little tired of hiding this so since everyone knows, here’s what your fave writer did.” In a second tweet she added, “I did a lot of wrong things in my relationship (cheating back) and losing my mind but sorry this is too much and p gross.”

Nostro then sent out a series of tweets attempting to explain her motive which appears to have been set off by Baker announcing “In the past year i’ve gotten a book deal, become a world-famous DJ, revolutionized journalism and impregnated wifey next year gonna be wild.”

lauren nostro

Baker, of course, got wind of what was happening and responded to the accusation saying the whole situation is about race and privilege, not abuse.


Baker didn’t go into to detail about what proof he has of his innocence but it sounds as though he may be saving that for his day in court. According to Page Six, law enforcement officials did confirm the couple was involved in a domestic violence incident on May 5 of this year at their Bed-Stuy apartment. “The couple, who were going through a breakup, argued over keys and unpaid bills. During the argument, Nostro allegedly broke Baker’s ATM card in half, prompting Baker to choke her before tossing her inside a closet. Nostro fell, hitting her chin on the floor, which caused a laceration requiring her to get almost 20 stitches at Woodhull Medical Center. She filed a police report regarding the incident on Sept. 20. Baker was arrested on Nov. 19 for misdemeanor assault, harassment, criminal obstruction of breathing and menacing. He was arraigned and freed without bail,” they report.

Ironically, the deal Baker referred to in the tweet that seemingly sparked Nostro’s exposure is for the forthcoming book, “How to Date White Women,” which was inspired by his June 2014 article, “The Reality of Dating White Women When You’re Black.” This incident proves Baker certainly has a plethora of material for the book, but only time will tell who’s telling the real truth about the incident.

Thus far, Nostro seems to be winning the alleged war, tweeting about the support she’s received from rappers, other men, and co-workers at Complex.

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  • luvly27

    HA HA HA YOU SILLY LITTLE NEGRO, Tisk tisk you thought the grass was greener perhaps? lol All the things he is saying about this women he knew while with her, so BOY BYE.

  • He better call his mommy if he’s looking for a BW who cares about this coon ass. Or better yet one of the Becky’s he loves so much.

  • Sher

    I read his whole Gawker article and he’s a joke. he basically owned up to being “fascinated” by white women and putting them up on a pedestal. so…you got your wish, you got your “magical white woman”. now… when she’s trying to put your ass under the jail and crying victim…you want to appeal for sympathy? BOY BYE. I’m sure he would love nothing more than to have sisters supporting him and shedding tears on his behalf…not interested. If you did it…sorry, you’re going to jail. the system does not take kindly to black men beating up white women. if you didn’t do it…welp…maybe your magical white woman wasn’t so magical after all.

  • SapphireSpire

    The fact that you wanted to have a life with a black man means you ARE a dumb white bitch. Rule #1: Never touch a dick that’s darker than you.

  • Christopher Allen

    I believe Baker based solely on my interracial relationships and their relatives, but I in no way endorse violence except in the case of self-defense. When you become an “exception to the rule” in any white circle, white people get really comfortable with their words as though you are one of them. They start off slow so as to test the water and overtime the N-bomb and other racial comments are dropped and usually but not always from a place of anger or frustration. I get that people are racist and prejudice but I’d rather people be open about it all the time so that I know who and who not to deal with. Quiet, disguised, or convenient racism is too complicated to deal with, and cowardly. My best friend, who is white, flat out told me when we first met that he doesn’t like black people for X, Y, and Z. At first I was offended for the obvious reason and also this practice of racial exceptionalism, but I realized overtime that he is the most genuine and honorable person of any color -even my own-that I’ve ever known. We trust our individual lives to one another in spite of a collective divide that exists between our races.