A woman is now dead after being kicked out of a hospital she went to seek treatment from, according to law firm Parks and Crump, who is representing the family of Barbara Dawson, 57 of Blountstown, Fl.

Dawson was taken to Liberty Calhoun Hospital for treatment for breathing problems, Dawson was stable and needed to be released, doctors said Monday. But Dawson thought that she needed to stay for additional care.

Dawson refused to leave the hospital, but the staff called the police. She was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and trespassing. On her way to the car, she collapsed.

“They did their best trying to save her,” said Ruth Attaway, the 25-bed hospital’s administrator and chief executive. “Our staff was very aggressive with her treatment. They did everything they could.”

Parks and Crump plans on suing the hospital or the police department for Dawson’s death.

Parks claims that Dawson required ongoing medical attention. Her family said she had a longstanding history of breathing problems.

“Even the early facts should cause grave concern for her family but also grave concern for the public,” he said.

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