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There are a lot of things one could criticize Stacey Dash for (her stance on Obama, her thoughts on the wage gap, the list goes on), but one area that should be off-limits are her reproductive choices — though the irony of a woman so tightly aligned with the right-wing who has repeatedly slammed Planned Parenthood for targeting black women reportedly having an abortion is not lost on me. Nevertheless, the decision by Nappy Roots‘ member Ryan Prophet to expose her decision on Christmas Day was wrong any way you slice it.

The rapper took to Instagram of course, because that’s where all scorned lovers go to air out their grievances, and posted this message exposing the fact that he and Stacey were allegedly expecting a child together several years ago, before she decided to abort the pregnancy.


Note the part where Prophet writes “I’m in my feelings,” that, ladies, is a telltale sign it’s time to get off of social media. Now had prophet shared this story in a more tactful manner as a means to expose Dash’s conservative hypocrisy, there may have been a place for it, but this upload, as well as the text exchange that followed, has bitter ex written all over it and the public has no business being drawn into this drama.

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Messy would be an understatement when it comes to Prophet’s details of the unraveling of his relationship with Dash, but far worse is the blame he assigns his ex for not being able to watch his “seed” open gifts on Christmas. Suffice it to say if Dash so easily found herself in another man’s arms while pregnant with Prophet’s child, that relationship was already on the outs. Perhaps the former actress didn’t want to bring a child into that type of situation and begin something new while carrying the child of an ex. Of course, these are all things that it would have been better to think about before procreating, but what doesn’t fix anything is calling someone a baby killer on social media and making them responsible for how your life turned out since the dissolution of your relationship.

If Prophet hasn’t found a new partner to settle down with — one who we imagine wold likely be a better fit given the Dash we’ve come to know today — and have a child, that’s on him. Abortion and reproductive rights are far too serious of issues in this country right now to be trivialized in such a self-serving, attention-seeking manner. Prophet needs to get out of his feelings and onto a therapist’s couch and leave his cellphone at home.

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