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Creed star Michael ‘Bae’ Jordan ain’t the only man in his family that’s fahn. Apparently, he comes from a whole tribe of handsome Black men.

Jordan damn near broke Instagram when he shared a photo of the men in his family during a holiday gathering.

In just two days, the photo has garnered more than 55,000 likes and almost 2500 comments. And from one glance at this handsome group of fellas, we can totally see why.

Happy Holidays from the men of the Jordan X Brim family #Holidays #HabariGani #JordanBrim

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While Jordan regularly shows up on folks #MCM lists, many of the brothas in the Jordan-Brim clan are giving the actor a serious run for his money.

Habari Gani indeed!

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  • Rissa

    Some of the younger guys are cute, but I still pick Michael.

  • _a_

    Sure there are some undesirables in the bunch, but they’re cute for the most part to me *shrugs*.

  • Lelani

    Women are not biologically wired to be visual and fawn over the looks of men. The character of a man is more important. It takes more than looks alone for a man to be attractive to me.

  • Dawn Wilson Ceaser

    So many haters WOW…. NO-ONE SAID THEY WERE GODS GIFT TO WOMEN. They just said that they were all fine and from the looks to me, they are descent looking men. So what…. too much hate/negativity in the world… If you post a holiday post of you and your family up and zomeone sent damn they All fine, you best believe you wouldn’t want all the haters coming out at you Lmmfao… STOP HATING