Despite all of the pundits projections, real estate mogul Donald Trump remains atop the field of Republican presidential candidates. And while many have predicted his demise, Trump’s popularity has only grown as his rhetoric has gotten more offensive.

The list of people Trump has gone after seems to grow longer each day. First, he demonized undocumented immigrants, calling them rapists and drug dealers; then he dared Black Lives Matter protesters to try to disrupt his rally (it’s happened; it wasn’t pretty); he took shots at women, and the need for reproductive rights; and lately, his comments about Muslims have been downright dangerous.

No matter how reckless his words, Trump supporters love his over-the-top language. But they want you to know one thing: they’re not racist….even if they hold bigoted views.

Recently, Vox caught up with some Trump supporters outside of a rally in Iowa to try to understand why they love him so, despite his crazy words. What they found was quite interesting.

Take a look.

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