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Recently, 17-year-old Actress and bona-fide young Activist Amandla Stenberg came out as bisexual. But while her statement was made publicly on Twitter, Stenberg doesn’t necessarily want to be defined by one term.

“I’m still kind of wary about specifically labeling myself,” she says while at the Sundance Film Festival to promote her new film, As You Are. “I don’t really see sexuality in boxes… I see myself on a scale.”

“Though now I’ve been labeled,” she adds with a laugh, “No one really cares.”

Truer words haven’t been spoken. Most people aren’t concerned with Amandla’s sexuality. They’re more focused on acting career, her beautiful mind and overall aura of quintessential cool.

“I feel like there’s no such thing as being too young to know how you identify,” says Stenberg. “People are born with their sexualities.”

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  • Kwazi Style

    i’m confused… OK you lead with your sexuality, make that apart of your “i’m a black feminist” tome… but now you dont want to be labelled err defined by it? Maybe you should have kept it to yourself then little girl.

    • Dr.Rue

      Exactly, let’s see how she identifies in 10 years lol

    • Noirluv45

      You took the letters right from my keyboard. I’m so tired of this, “Don’t focus on my sexuality while I bring my sexuality up.” They bring it up because they want the attention.

    • Yvetta

      I don’t see it as a play for attention. It seems like she’s trying to come out on her own terms to try to have some agency over how her story is told. If she didn’t, and then decided to date a woman, she would most likely be outed by entertainment media, who are not known for their level of respectfulness and tact. This way, she can stay ahead of them at least a little.

    • Mary Burrell

      Noir, you tickle me(lol). I agree with you guys.

  • I think most people are concerned with her wisdom and her other talents not about her sexuality. Her sexuality is none of my business.

  • yoda

    She’s the one who felt a need to say she’s bisexual. She was not asked this in an interview, she was not ‘outed’ and there wasn’t any ‘evidence’ of her sexuality. She does too much sometimes.

    • Mary Burrell

      Maybe she got ahead of herself.

  • Darkness901

    If you weren’t concerned with being labeled, you wouldn’t have put that info out there. I personally don’t care but when celebrities put their sexuality out there, it’s just an attention grabber to me.

    Showcase your talent. Not your personal business.

  • Mary Burrell

    What is this is this a trend they divulge personal information about their sexuality and then say don’t judge me by my ethnicity or sexuality, blah, blah….. I like Amandla but this is silly. If you put it out here on social media then you are going to have to put on your big girl panties and own it.