We tried to warn Kanye West that he didn’t want it with Muva, but the self-proclaimed genius decided to take a break from working on his new album to clear up a few things–he’s not into ass play.

West apparently felt the need to set the record straight after Rose put his biz on Twitter (because he came at her and her baby boy sideways).

After the memes started rolling in, West popped on Twitter to deny Rose’s claims.

Unfortunately for the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy rapper (an album that was about Amber, btw), his attempt to discredit Rose’s tweet only caused Twitter to go full on HAM. Thus the hashtag #KanyeAnalPlaylist was born, and it was…HILARIOUS.

Even Pornhub got in on the action.

No clue what Kanye will do next, but my advice would be to leave it alone.

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