As the economy has been getting better, one number has been stubbornly high: the unemployment rate for Black Americans.

While Black folks have always found it more difficult to find jobs than their white counterparts, the unemployment rate for African-Americans has remained in the double digits for the past few years, and even reached a whopping 16.8% in 2010. Until now.

According to the December jobs numbers, the Black unemployment rate dropped to 8.3% last month, down from 9.4% in November.

Despite the positive shift in numbers, the unemployment rate for Black folks is still higher than all other groups. Currently, the white unemployment rate is 4.5%, Asian unemployment is 4%, and Hispanic unemployment is 6.3%. Moreover, wages for Black workers have stagnated since 2009, with the median household income at just $35,398.

Still, the lowered jobless rate for Black Americans is a welcomed change for many hoping to reenter the workforce in the coming year.

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