On Dec. 26 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier and his neighbor Bettie Jones were shot dead after a fatal encounter with the police, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Details have emerged that several calls were made by Quintonio and his father Antonio LeGrier.

“There’s an emergency, can you send an officer?” he is heard saying on one of the calls. Quintonio repeatedly asked to have help sent to his house.

The 911 dispatcher sounded frustrated by Quintonio’s refusal to answer her questions, and at one point, she terminated one of the calls.

When asked what was wrong, LeGrier responded: “Someone is ruining my life.”

The fourth call, placed at 4:24 a.m., was made by Quintonio’s father Antonio LeGrier, who asked for police assistance to the same address.

“My son has freaked out. I need an officer,” Antonio LeGrier is heard saying at the beginning of the call.

“He’s got a baseball bat in his hand right now,” he said.

The calls were released late Monday by Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority, which is investigating the subsequent shooting.

Police fatally shot Bettie Jones, a neighbor of the LeGriers who answered the door to the building, and Quintonio. Police later called Jones’ shooting an accident. LeGrier was shot six times and Jones was shot once, according to autopsies by the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

“Upon arrival, officers were confronted by a combative subject resulting in the discharging of the officer’s weapon, fatally wounding two individuals,” police said in a statement shortly after the shooting.

Quintonio’s mother, Janet Cooksey, has since said publicly that her son, who was studying engineering, had mental health issues.

“He was a student, he worked hard, he cared about people,” she said.

In the police statement released shortly after the shooting, Chicago police said Jones, who was a grandmother and mother of five, was shot unintentionally.

“The 55 year old female victim was accidentally struck and tragically killed,” the police statement said. “The department extends its deepest condolences to the victim’s family and friends.”

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  • The whole tragedy is melancholy. Of course, so far, no officer is being held accountable, which is part of the injustice. In any other occupation, many people are fired for much less, but the cops involved in the deaths of these people have not experienced a settlement or prison for even involuntary manslaughter. Also, the phone operator should have never hanged up when someone was calling for help. A 911 operator has the technology to find out where someone is calling from and that operator should have executed more diligence than that. Bettie Jones was a grandmother and she was killed after she just opened a door. Jones was heard to yell, “Whoa! Whoa!” several times before the cops fired. This unjustified killing of a black grandmother should outrage anyone. Also, the story of Quintonio LeGrier shows us that we are in need of federal, state, and local funding for mental health services. All of the facts about the killing of LeGrier haven’t been publicly revealed too. Austerity is not only evil, but it can cause many negative consequences in the world too. I believe that the poor and the working class must unite (in an independent, revolutionary fashion) to fight back against the system of capitalist oppression. We still have an epidemic of police terrorism in America. Crooked cops have no respect from me at all. We not only want an independent investigation of this incident. We want accountability and justice too. That is very important, because Black Lives will always Matter.

  • GoldenGirl

    What I don’t understand is why would you discharge your gun when the suspect only has a bat? Why would you discharge your gun when the person is only answering the door. There was no imminent danger. Makes no sense!! These police need training and serious reform!!!!

    • Val

      Those cops don’t value Black life. That’s why their first action was shooting instead of trying other means to deescalate the situation.

    • Teach Sister.

  • Miss.

    This is nuts. How do we make this stop? They will never stop killing us….