J Cole let his hair lock naturally. Let bae live! ?? (edit: this is from J. Cole's HBO special)

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If every man had a friend like Rihanna early in life, wives and girlfriends wouldn’t have to spend so much time upgrading their boos down the line.

The queen of no effs given appeared on the third episode of J Cole’s Road to Homecoming HBO miniseries, and while she told Cole his performance was something the audience would remember forever, all most viewers remember from episode 3 is how beautifully Rihanna mastered the art of constructive criticism.

See, as soon as Rih Rih spotted Cole backstage she went up to him and showered him with praise, saying his performance was “Amazing. Very deep but real, honest, vulnerable, confident – it was all of that. It wasn’t on no commercial sh-t at all. It was so good. I love seeing you like that. And seeing you close to the people – and seeing you in a small venue like that. This is the sh-t they’re gonna remember forever.”

And then within two seconds of complimenting her boy she asked, “You a Rasta now? What the f-ck? This n-gga got dreads.”

What followed was a hilarious exchange only a good girl friend could get away with as Rihanna went in on J Cole’s freeform hairstyle, giving him a few helpful (and necessary) grooming tips.

“We gotta get you some aloe vera for them,” she advised. “That’s how you clean it. It’s not gone f-ck with it, It’s gone make it smell nice.”

And somewhere J Cole’s girlfriend is like “thank God, somebody told him!”

Sometimes the artsy types get caught up in being creative and forget the basics…like hygiene…kudos to Rih for handling that situation real quick.

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