America was founded on the principles of religious freedom and a separation between church and state, however there are a few places–in the judicial system and on our money–that God shows up pretty prominently. But a new lawsuit aims to change things.

One lawyer hopes to get God out of the financial business, and has filed a claim to get the phrase, “In God We Trust,” removed from American currency.

In his filing, Michael Newdow explained why he’s not down with G-O-D.

“Plaintiffs either specifically do not trust in any ‘G-d’ (with NOT trusting G-d being a basic tenet of their belief systems) or hold G-d’s name so dear and exalted that to inscribe it on a monetary instrument is deemed sinful,” he wrote.

According to the Associated Press, the lawsuit represents 41 plaintiffs from Ohio and Michigan, including several atheists. Newdow and company accuse the phrase of violating their First Amendment rights and are asking for it to be removed.

What do you think; should ‘In God We Trust’ be removed from U.S. dollars? Sound off!  

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  • Darkness901

    Get a life people. It’s been there for years. It is not bothering you that bad. I swear people find the time to complain about the most rediculous things. If you don’t trust in God, so be it! My money spends the same way each time.

  • Jenjen12

    I’m indifferent. I would be more concerned about testifying under oath having to be, “Put your hand on a bible.” That’s an invitation to lie imo if you’re a nonbeliever. The assumption shouldn’t be that everyone is afraid of some sky fairy in a court of law for pete’s sake.

  • At this point it doesn’t even really matter. Our money will be worthless soon.