Janet Hubert doesn’t bite her tongue. Not one bit. First she went after Jada Pinkett-Smith, and now she’s going after NeNe Leakes, and reality television.

In an interview with LA Times, Hubert explained in details why she had an issue with Smith’s video.

“I was looking at this ridiculousness people called a historic moment and I was annoyed,” she said. “I was annoyed because it dilutes the movement when you only stand up for yourself.

“I’m a real freedom fighter. I’m not a pretend freedom fighter. I stand up for other actresses, other people. The Smiths just irked me because they are such pretenders, and everything is a photo op,” she said, speaking about Will Smith. “It’s just self-contrived because her hubby didn’t get a nomination.”

Hubert also discussed other issues she’s noticed in Hollywood, specifically colorism.

“We’re all complaining about diversity in Hollywood, but we’ve got to address the colorism within the black community of Hollywood first. I’m called “dark-skinned Aunt Viv.” [Reid] is called “light-skinned Aunt Viv.” The whole ridiculousness of black Hollywood — there is no black Hollywood. It’s every man for himself. We’ve got to address that first, before we can start attacking someone else’s awards that were never designed for us,” Hubert stated.

Hubert also spoke out about the issues plaguing ‘black’ Hollywood and the stereotypes some continue to perpetuate.

“I think the black community has a lot to work on internally with what they deem successful. Did you know NeNe Leakes made it on Broadway before Janet Hubert? Something’s wrong with the whole system of bad behavior being rewarded. I think in the black community, ratchet has became the new black, ghetto has become the new black,” Hubert continued.

Say what you want about Hubert, she made a lot of sense in the interview.

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