Barbie got a makeover! And a couple of the new dolls have curves, a little more melanin, and some blue hair.

In a post on Time, Mattel announced that a new line of dolls will now come in three new body shapes, which the brand is calling “petite,” “tall” and “curvy.”

The dolls will also come in a variety of skin tones.

But of course not everyone is going to be happy with the new line, and guess what? Richard Dickson, president and CEO of Mattel doesn’t care.

“Ultimately, haters are going to hate,” Dickson says. “We want to make sure the Barbie lovers love us more—and perhaps changing the people who are negative to neutral. That would be nice.”





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  • Diversity shown in a progressive way is a positive.

  • Darkness901

    I’m glad they are including dolls with different skin tones. However, I won’t be spending my money with them. They are trying to cut off the cash flow to the black individuals that created dolls that represented us.

    I’m looking at this with a 3rd eye. I don’t think this would have happened if Mattel didn’t see other small businesses developing for minorities.

    • i’m with you. all these years they never cared about diversity. now that black entrepreneurs are making beautiful dolls, suddenly Mattel gets a light bulb moment. FOH!

    • Darkness901

      Yes! But people will line up for these dolls.

      I’ll make another point. I never saw a sweet potato pie in the stores until Pattie created a business behind it. Now, Kroger and Walmart are making their own brand of pies for cheaper. Ummmmmm…nope! I’ll pay the extra dollar for Pattie’s pies. I have enough sense to know Walmart and Kroger will raise their prices as soon as the data shows they have enough of the market in that area.

      Support Legit Black Businesses!

  • TastyTaco

    Agggh, they have a petite Black doll!!! I feel immortalized, lol.

    • vintage3000

      The petite doll is my fave one here, it’s adorable

  • Mary Burrell

    Something to represent everyone.