A Detroit teen’s life came to a tragic end just days into the New Year. According to her family, Ge’Naye Washington was at home when she was brutally beaten and raped on the morning of January 7th. After fighting for her life, the 17-year-old died Tuesday.

Detroit police believe Washington’s attack could have been perpetrated by a serial rapist who has struck four times since December. They have named 19-year-old Darian Winfield as a person of interest in the brutal attack. Winfield has been charged with in unrelated sexual assault, which occurred on December 30, where police allege he stabbed a woman in the chest. He’s suspected in another assault in the neighboring town of Grosse Pointe.

James Craig, of the Detroit Police, said Winfield is a danger to the public.

“In one incident we know he was armed with what appeared to be a kitchen knife. In the most recent incident (the victim suffered) blunt force trauma,” he said. “We don’t know what weapon may have been used.”

Washington, who was reportedly asleep when the attack began, suffered blunt force trauma to her head after being struck several times. Her family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for medical and funeral costs as they try to cope with her tragic death.

While Washington’s family said she didn’t know Winfield, Shaquetta Washington, GeNaye’s older sister, said their brother may have played basketball with the man over the summer. These days, they’re hoping for justice.

“We hope that justice is served, but it still won’t bring her back. It just hurts,” Shaquetta said. “[My mother] just wants to know why did he do it? What was the point? GeNaye, anybody that met her would fall in love with her. My eyes water every time I talk about this. I am trying to be strong for my mom. I have to keep everyone in place, but it’s really hard.”

Winfield has been charged with assault with intent to murder, assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct, and first-degree home invasion stemming from the December 30th attack, and police are trying to determine what other crimes he may be charged with for Washington’s assault. Currently, he’s being held on a $1 million bond at the Wayne County Jail.

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  • Kels99

    Black women are disproportionately abused and killed by our own men. This is why I don’t live in Black communities. They’re too dangerous and no one checks these black men. It’s always open season on Black women and girls and no one cares. Black people don’t even care. e never want to discuss the racialized violence Black women and girls suffer from. We can talk about racism all day long, but you had better keep your mouth closed about the violent misogynoir that’s killing Black women and girls.

    Get out of these Black communities, Black women. Because no one there is going to protect you.

    • lis

      Yep…to everything you said….it’s like Black women are asleep….So many issues that affect them they seemingly cannot face…and the Black male protectionism?is sooooo strong.

    • trueletterson*[email protected]

      if we black men and black women stop pointing the finger at each other and come together and and raise their children up right we won’t have all of these killings, only we working together can stop the killings.

  • Tonididitonem

    Beaten and raped by black men. Let’s tell the truth!

  • Miss.

    Oh my god..oh my god…may this beautiful young soul rest in peace, what a world we live in! If this is a serial rapist, I pray he is caught before he strikes again! My heart goes out to her family and loved ones…lord help us…

  • Freed Slave

    What do you expect from these savages, most men are basic animals with no human qualities of their own.

  • Ms. Vee

    Moments like this is why I approve of the guillotine.